IASI Coaching Theory Module

The 2019 IASI Coaching Theory module will be held in the Alps!
Zermatt: 17th, 18th, 19th January 2020
Kaprun: 24th, 25th, 26th April 2020

ISIA Training Program

Each day will see two seminars on various subjects. Please note this is an indoor course and lift pass is not needed.
The module is necessary to achieve the IASI Level 3 ISIA status and anyone with Level 1 and above can participate. The course is also valid as a qualification refresher (CPD) for all levels.

Ski instructors from other education systems are welcome to join too!

IASI Coaching Theory Module

IASI Coaching Theory – Presenters

Lecturers for the weekend will be:
– Derek Tate
Former IASI Head of Education (20 years!)
current IASI Chairman
IASI Educator & Examiner

– Federico Sollini
IASI Educator & Examiner
FIF Strength and Conditioning Coach
FIF Posture Educator and Nutrition Consultant


“Psychology and Snowsports”:
Psychology and Learning
Psychology and Teaching
Mindfulness and Flow.

“Training Periodization in Skiing”
How to plan a year round, physical training programme for ski instructors.

“Posture and Injury prevention”
Understanding the basics of “good posture” and minimize the risk of injury in skiing and sport.

“Nutrition applied in Sport”
How to apply fundamentals of nutrition to sport and health. Hopefully making some clarity on today’s diets and feeding habits.

“Basics of Body Language”
Language is not only spoken by words and sounds, but mainly through movements and different postures of the body. How to read some basic signals and how to present yourself to the guest in the best way will be discussed.

“Equipment. Skis and Ski Boots”
Insights and tips on the equipment we use everyday. What is necessary to know and what is most commonly unknown!


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IASI Coaching Theory Course Fees

Full Module (6 half days): 265 euros
Single session (half day): 45 euros

Please note that these fees only covers the course cost. Lunch is not included but deals will be put in place for all participants.

Booking and Info

Get in touch with us at info@subzerocoaching.com to book your place on the course.
For more IASI courses and assessments please visit our dedicated page!

The Subzero Coaching Team

IASI Coaching Theory Module, Zermatt, Switzerland.

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