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10 Reasons Why A Fitness Holidays Are So Great! 

When diving into the world of fitness holidays, the number of opportunities on offer are mind-blowing. For every kind of budget. But why go on a fitness holiday? Whether it be a weekend boot camp down the road. A short flight or better still, a journey to a remote island for a wellness retreat. Why bother? Holidays are supposed to be about relaxing and doing nothing, right? 

Here you’ll find our top ten reasons why simply passing time on the beach might not cut it anymore. Especially when you could have the best of both worlds.

Fitness Holidays, Fitness Holiday

1) Experience a new environment 

Now, it’s obvious that you can enjoy a new environment without going on a fitness holiday. However, I believe when you travel somewhere to take part in a specific activity, you extend your experience way beyond the average holiday-goer. 

When on a fitness holiday, you are no longer just an observer.  You are actively experiencing your new surroundings. You’re more likely to be outside, embracing the landscape. As a result, more likely to see a place from a different perspective. Consequently, you’re guaranteed to feel like it was worth the effort. An epic view feels even better when you’ve had to work for it.

2) Learn new skills

Is there a sport or activity you’ve always wanted to try? Never had the time? Or just haven’t taken the first step towards learning? In reality, everyone has something on their to-do list. Putting time aside for you and getting stuck in is half the work. When you book a fitness holiday, you’re setting yourself up to achieve. 

Learning in a fresh environment is a great way to let go and step outside your everyday life. Even better, learning something new is a sure-fire way to keep your brain young. Amazing alongside upping your physical fitness. 

3) Support network

When you go on a fitness holiday, you are not alone. You will be joining a group of people just like you. Plus an experienced coach or teacher will be there to look out for you. Its designed to make your holiday one to remember. 

With this in mind, if you’re bored of going to the gym on your own, tired of solo laps in the swimming pool, find the perfect trip you. Knowing you will have a group of people to help you and to learn from is reassuring. And highly motivating. It’s also great if you’re scared of being the only beginner in the group. There are tonnes of fitness holidays catered for different levels, so you can hand-pick the right group for you.

4) Find out whats right for you!

Fitness holidays are great for people who are just getting started. Or those who are lost with what to do. When choosing a fitness holiday, there’s a huge amount of choice. Finding out what your interests are is key. There are many multi-activity holidays, where you can try 10 different activities in one week! This can be a very cost-efficient as all activities all generally included under one fee. Additionally, you can gain in-depth knowledge and experience in the activity you’re already into!  

5) Establish new fitness goals

By knowing what activities you actually enjoy, you will be able to establish new goals. Better still, goals you probably never knew were possible. For example, you might get the chance to try SUP boarding, and love it! Your new goal might be to try SUP Yoga. Hold a headstand on a paddleboard! Or maybe you just want to go for a paddle without falling in? Who knows?

It’s hard to establish achievable goals until you start to try. Although, by doing this as part of a fitness holiday, there are experienced people on hand to help you through the process.

6) Kickstart new habits OR refresh existing fitness plan

Not surprisingly, having a routine is the best way to stick to your fitness goals. Or to keep up an activity you enjoy. When taking part in a fitness holiday can kickstart your routine or bump up your existing plan.

If you’re getting up at 7 am to go cycling before breakfast, or swimming every afternoon, you’re much more likely to integrate these activities into your daily life. Similarly, if you religiously stretch after each workout and feel great for it, you’ll be carrying it on when you get home. Being in a motivating environment, with someone to give you a little push towards new healthy habits can change the way you live.

7) Learn how to go it alone

Whats more, you can learn how to run the show yourself. At the end of the day, the holiday sadly has to end. However, a fitness holiday can teach you the essentials of how to keep the ball rolling. More still, plan your personal fitness routine yourself.

To put it another way, can take home more than memories and photos. In fact, you leave with new skills and goals. Most importantly, with knowledge on how to get yourself there. 

8) Take on a challenge/ Achieve something

Why not make your holiday a time to overcome a challenge. Return home with a sense of achievement. Better still, an interesting story to tell.

You could become a qualified sailor in Greece. Kayak down the Gorges de l’Ardèche. Hike to the ‘top of Europe’ at Jungfraujoch. Train for a half marathon in the Scottish Highlands. Swim across Lake Bled. Learn how to surf in the south-west of England.

Taking on a challenge you wouldn’t normally do, in a place, you wouldn’t normally be, you’re set for a great adventure. 

9)  Meet fun, like-minded people

As mentioned before, when you go on a fitness holiday you’re guaranteed to be joining a group. This is a fantastic way to meet new people, who are likeminded with you. They will like doing the same activities and enjoy the same surroundings. This is especially great if you are going alone. You never know, you might plan future trips together.

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10) ‘Holiday glow’

We’ve all heard about getting a ‘holiday glow’. However, you don’t have to spend hours roasting under the sun to get one. Exercising and being outside can do amazing things for your appearance and well-being. Getting the blood flowing around your body and releasing endorphins can work miracles. You’ll sleep better, have better digestion, fresh looking skin and probably catch a bit of sun whilst you’re at it! Most importantly you’ll be happy, stress-free and full of energy.


Katherine Dunn
Subzero Coaching Team

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