Sport Rehab & Altitude Training

Sport Rehab & Altitude Training

Sport Rehab Zermatt

“Standard” rehab finishes when the subject is able to “walk correctly and live the everyday normal life”. Sport isn’t part of that normal life.

This is where our field of specialization comes in. We fill the gap between the end of the regular physio work and the coming back to your previous performance levels in your sport.

Working with top athletes in different disciplines we have gained experience in recovering performance towards a variety of sports.

During the time together we will go through your current range of abilities (in strength, range of movement and flexibility) and we will create a training plan based on your specific needs.

Strength, coordination, balance, core training, stretching and recovery techniques will constitute the backbone of a valid rehab protocol. Things that usually are considered extras like nutritional advice (some diets can help reducing the inflammation, other increase it), post-workout massages and advice on supplements can all be included.

We want to ensure you get back on the track, field or slopes better than before.

Our sports coaches are always keen to work along side your current physio, making team work the best winning strategy.

Altitude Training Zermatt

If you are an individual athlete or a team looking for a few days of pre-competition or off-season altitude training camp, we can help!
Zermatt and Cervinia offers a huge range of altitude and terrain, alongside a great number of walking/running/cycling paths that extend from 1,200m to 3,800m.

At our disposal we have: 2 gyms, a sports hall, 1 full size football field, 5 tennis courts, 1 beach volley court and a well-equipped outdoor gym in the forest all at an altitude of 1,620m.

We will provide professionals including strength & conditioning coaches, sport masseurs, nutritional advisors.
Plus services such as:

  • accommodation research and booking
  • ski-pass booking and home delivery
  • gym and training fields pre-booking

The altitude camp can also include protocols of rehab, working along side your current physio or a professional therapist from Zermatt.

Get in touch with us at to find out more about these training clinics and start tailoring your next protocol together!

Rehab Zermatt - Altitude Training Zermatt

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