IASI Coaching Theory

IASI Coaching Theory

Since 2017 Subzero Coaching has been delivering the IASI Coaching Theory, helping the association to run its coaching pathway.

The Coaching Theory for Snowsport Professionals

ISIA Training Program

The Coaching Theory module is part of the IASI pathway towards the full certification of snowsport porfessionals.
The module is necessary to achieve the IASI Level 3 ISIA status and anyone with Level 1 and above can participate. The course is also valid as a qualification refresher (CPD) for all levels.

Here below you can find the IASI qualification pathway. In order to complete the Alpine Level 3 Ski Teacher qualfication this module needs to be attended.

IASI Coaching Theory Module

The Coaching Theory for the Coaches Pathway

This module represents the entry level for the Alpine Strength and Conditioning Coach pathway within IASI. This pathway has been created by the association following the interest expressed by some members to learn more about the strength and conditioning world.
The Coaching Theory aims at introducing instructors to the fundamentals of S&C coaching, starting with the individual.
During this 3 day course we will introduce you topics such as periodization, posture, injury prevention, nutrition and psychology. All of them focused on what you, as ski instructor, need to know to perform better and stay healthy.
Our hope is to give you enough knowledge to wake up your inner awareness, making you a better athlete. As well as stimulate your curiosity on the different subjects, so you will be interested in keep on researching on your own after the course.


“Psychology and Snowsports”:
Mindfulness and Flow
Psychology and Learning
Psychology and Teaching.

“Training Periodization in Skiing”
How to plan a year round, physical training programme for ski instructors.

“Posture and Injury prevention”
Understanding the basics of “good posture” and minimize the risk of injury in skiing and sport.

“Nutrition applied in Sport”
How to apply fundamentals of nutrition to sport and health. Hopefully making some clarity on today’s diets and feeding habits.

“Basics of Body Language”
Language is not only spoken by words and sounds, but through movements and different postures of the body. How to read some basic signals and how to present yourself to the guest in the best way will be discussed.

“Equipment. Skis and Ski Boots”
Insights and tips on the equipment we use everyday. Boot fitting, how skis are made and how to chose and tailor the equipment. What is necessary to know and what is most commonly unknown!

IASI Coaching Theory Presenters

Lecturers for the course will be:
Derek Tate
Former IASI Head of Education (20 years!)
IASI Educator & Examiner
Published Author

Federico Sollini
IASI Educator & Examiner
FIF Strength and Conditioning Coach specialized in Alpine Skiing
FIF Posture Educator & Nutrition Consultant

Pre-course Prep

You can start reading about some of the topics presented during this course following the link here.
For the pyschology modules delivered by D.Tate please sign up here.

Feel free to get in touch with us to suggest new topics or flag interests you might have! We are looking forward to hear from participants, as we always try to shape this course around everyone’s interests.


We organize this course in different venues, always hoping to find the best deal for participants.
Get in touch with us to find out the best deal for each course we run.
Find us on Facebook to join the event page we create for each course, so you can get in touch with other participants and partner up to find the best deals in town!
To get in touch with us directly you can drop a note to our email address: info@subzerocoaching.com

Dates + Fees
IASI Coaching Theory Course

From 2020 the course will take place in a new format, compliant with current Swiss COVID Regulations.
The in-person part will be of 2 days, with pre-course readings and a 2+2 hrs online seminar.

2023 Nendaz (CH):
1st + 2nd February PM
3rd February Full Day
Online modules the following week

Full Module: 350 chf
Single session (half day): 55 euros

Please note that these fees only covers the course cost. This does not include lunch.

Booking and Info

Get in touch with us at info@subzerocoaching.com to book your place on the course.

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IASI Coaching Theory Module


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