Federico Sollini

Head Coach

Federico Sollini
Federico Sollini
  • Name: Federico Sollini
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Favourite Slopes:
    • Condor, Bariloche, Argentina
    • Tre3, Madonna di Campiglio, Italy
  • Favourite Quotes:
    • If A equals success, then the formula is A=X+Y+Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut – Albert Einstein
  • Languages:
    • Italian
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish

Ski Qualifications

  • IASI Educator + Examiner
  • IASI Demo Team Co-Coach and Demonstrator Interski 2019
  • IASI Strength and Conditioning Educator + Examiner
  • Swiss Snowsports Brevet Federal (Full Certification)
  • Swiss Snowsports Responsable de Formation (Ski School Trainer)

Coaching Qualifications

  • FIF Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • FIF Postural Educator
  • FIF Specialization Courses:
    • Nutrition
    • Alpine Skiing Strength and Conditioning
    • Postural One to One
    • Biomechanics and Movement Patterns
  • FIF Fitness Instructor specialized in Body Building, Circuit Training, Cardio Fitness
  • DIABASI Sport Masseur + Swedish and Relax Masseur

Attendance International Events

  • ISIA World Championships  - Samnaun 2017
  • Interski Congress - Pamporovo 2019
  • European Commission - IRE Technical Commission


Federico started his journey in sport coaching and ski instructing at the age of 20. In the following years he worked along side great sport professionals in Italy, Switzerland, Argentina and the UK. His hunger for knowledge in the human body, teaching and coaching methods along side the passion for skiing and ski technique, motivated him to pursue different specialization in many different aspects of sport. The ultimate goal: becoming the most well rounded-knowledgeable coach.

Sports Coaching

From summer 2007, aged 20, Fede was selected to work with one of the best known Sports Coaches in Italy; Professor Romano Franchi.
This experience gave him the opportunity to train professional athletes from a variety of different sports and backgrounds. As well, Fede was able to be part of the entourage that comes with elite level athletes, including physiotherapists, doctors, masseurs, dieticians etc.

Some athletes were well known on the international scene, such as Alberto Tomba (after his retirement) with 5 Olympic medals, & 88 World Cup Medals, Marco Apicella (24Hrs Le Mans Driver) and others.
Ski Instructor qualification equivalents - CSIA Europe -BASI - ski instructor qualifications switzerland - ski instructor qualification austria
During the following years he worked as independent coach and personal trainer for both athletes and fitness clients. He still works closely collaborations with physiotherapists, running rehabilitation programmes for athletes.
Today Fede keeps on working  as Postural Educator, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Massage Therpist year round, in Switzerland, Italy and the UK.

Ski Coaching

Combining Sports Coaching and Ski Training, Fede has been helping the development of ski instructors across different educational systems for nearly two decades.

From the age of 23 he took up the position of Technical Director for 6 seasons, in two ski schools in Zermatt. Following this experience he became the Head Coach of Subzero Coaching a few years ago.

Award winning ski instructor training companyThrough the years he collaborated with coaches from different nations and education system, in both ski instructing and race coaching.

The thirst for knowledge brought Fede to get involved with different ski instructor associations. One of which being IASI, for which Federico runs exams from Alpine Level 1 to 4, along with Coaching Theory and Race Coach courses.
Federico participated to the writing of the new ski instructor manual, sharing his expertise in the ski technique sections as well as creating the biomechanics, anatomy and physical prep chapters.

Thanks to collaborations with examiners from other education systems and thanks to a great team work with other coaches in Subzero, his trainees have been able to pass exams in many systems:
OSSV (Austria), SSSA (Swiss Snowsport), BASI, IASI, CSIA, NZSI, APSI amongst others.

He is directly involved in the running all the courses Subzero offers, as coach or coordinator of our excellent coaching team.

Ski instructor training ISIA

Beside coaching Fede is a ski tester & field developer for Carpani Skis, handcraft producer from Italy. This collaboration led to the creation of the Subzero Ski Line.

Social Media
You can follow him and the rest of the team through the Subzero Coaching Facebook Page, along with Subzero Instagram and Fede’s Instagram.


Federico Sollini – Head Coach – Ski Instructor Training – Subzero Coaching