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Race Coach

Alpine Race Coach Certification

Get your Ski Race Coaching certification with our IASI Race Coach Level 1 in Zermatt/Cervinia, Adelboden (CH) or Landgraaf (NL).
Cervinia\Zermatt is one of the most snow reliable resort in Europe we have access to a number of slopes and terrains, ideal to get the best out of these days.
In Adelboden we run the Race Coach course in the afternoons and offer GS training in the morning, run by National Swiss Coach Fredrick Thomas. This week offers the best opportunity for hands on learning, on both the race coach job and improving your own technical skiing.

The Race Coach course is run by Federico Sollini:
Award winning ski instructor training company

  • IASI Alpine Educator & Examiner
  • Irish Interski Demo Team Co-Coach and Member at Interski 2019/Interski 2023
  • Swiss Snowsports Resp. de Formation (Trainer)

To find out more about him you can visit the dedicated profile page here.

Our Alpine Race Coach courses always runs before or after race training camps for instructors prepping for the Speed Test. If you are interested in training yourself (and not just others!) get in touch with us or visit the dedicated section here.

IASI Alpine Race Coach Level 1

The Alpine Race Coach Level 1 is the first step for all those interested in pursuing a career as coaches in ski racing. As well, this is one of the modules required for ski instructors interested in completing their Level 3 ISIA Stamp with IASI.

During the duration of this 3 days course you will be able to learn the fundamental principles of the coaching job.
The aim of these days together is to achieve:

  • The ability to able to carve clean long turns leaving clean tracks
  • Ski rhythmical slalom turns showing good speed and control, also in a course scenario
  • A good understanding of modern ski technique, equipment and skiers development
  • The ability to plan and deliver basic coaching sessions
  • Demonstrate sound leadership skills with a good knowledge of both closed and open environments

The course runs both on-snow and off-snow, allowing participants to gain experience and knowledge in different environments.
On-snow you will have the chance to practice your skiing skills under the guidance of the Educator, as well as with the help of your peers. Practice time will be both on open field and between gates.
Coaching and leading sessions will also be part of the on-snow activities. Differently from ski instructing, coaching is often done in collaboration with other individuals, more often that not in a coaching team. For this reason we will guide you through this, working together to find strategies to be working together with others and practice this on the field.

Off-snow the work will continue on the coaching front, as well as in the preparation of the sessions and understanding of the technical aspects of skiing and ski racing.

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Alpine Race Coach Level 1 Assessment Criteria


  • Short turns using a good blend of the steering elements.
    Produce rounded turns using progressive rotation of the skis/feet gripping (at least) just after the fall line. Each descent should be rhythmic and flowing with good control of speed (blue terrain), with the ability to demonstrate a good pole plant
  • Cleanly carved long turns leaving clean lines in the snow, with appropriate range and rate of movement in both vertical and lateral planes (i.e., not static)
  • Demonstrate additional activities such as bracquage on steeper terrain (steep blue or red piste) with good upper and lower body separation (i.e., not travelling forwards)
  • Good posture and balance for all the above


  • Safety – Perform a fun lesson safely with a basic progression.
  • Understanding – Show an understanding of basic performance-based movements with a good knowledge of technical progressions.
  • Communication – The ability to interact, engage and motivate when coaching. Uses a variety of tools to keep students engaged and maintain maximum class activity.


Slalom skis are required for this course.

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Alpine Race Coaching Certification - Readings

Make sure you prepare for your freestyle coach course by reading all the available material:

IASI Alpine Race Coach Level 1 Manual

IASI Alpine Race Coach L1 Pre-Course Reading

Course Accommodation

Cervinia and Zermatt

In Cervinia and Zermatt we collaborate with different hotels that offer good deals for short term staying in town.
If looking for your own accommodation we recommend to use booking.com or airbnb, looking for accommodations in town rather than too far down the valley (public transport is present but can run slow in averse weather).

Snow World Landgraaf

For courses running at the facility we reserve a number of rooms for participants, to be booked as soon as possible.

Included in the room price Snow World also offers:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Access to the ski slope outside the gates (including snow park)
  • Access to the fully equipped gym
  • Access to the spa
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Course Dates

2022/2023 - TBCFollowing or prior to the standard courses we also create  race training opportunities for all participants. During these extra days we will be able to make the get plenty of mileage in gates, with an accurate progression for all participants. The aim is to lay the first layer of race technique foundations towards the speed test.

We recommend to arrive on the day prior to the start of the course. Participants can decide to leave either at the end of the last day (after 4 pm) or stay for an extra night.

If run through us, accommodation has to be confirmed and payed upon signing up for the course (Snow World Landgraaf allows our trainees to pay upon arrival).

The course fee only covers the training and the exams.

Make sure you use the dedicated Facebook event group to get in touch with other participants and help each other out with transport to and from the resort!

Course Fee

2022/2023 - TBCIf you are interested in longer gates training opportunities take a look here.

For bookings and payments please get in touch with us directly at: info@subzerocoaching.com

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Other Coaching Courses

Subzero Coaching also runs the IASI Freestyle Coach level 1&2 as well as the IASI Alpine Strength & Conditioning pathway. For more info on these course visit the dedicated section here.

Ski Instructors interested in training & working programs towards the Level 3 or the Level 4 can visit the dedicated linked pages and get in touch with us to apply (info@subzerocoaching.com)

If you are looking to prepare towards the Eurotest (new EU CTT test) found out more about the year round Race Training opportunities with us here.

Alpine Race Coach Qualification