Ski Instructor Training – One to One

Ski Instructor Training – One to One

Ski Instructor Training Courses – Full Focus

Our Full Focus ski instructor training courses are dedicated to skiers interested in one to one ski coaching.

Whether you are a ski instructor looking to prepare exams or a recreational skier looking to improve your abilities, our coaching team is ready for you!

The week comes with a package, that can be handpicked and changed around, following your needs.

Summer 2020 Special

For Summer 2020, given the complex situation with COVID19,  our training will run in Zermatt from June until September.

We are available every day through out the summer, starting from the 6th June, to go skiing together on the Matterhorn Glacier.
Discounted rates are available for all instructors interested in making the most out of the summer with us in Zermatt. Get in touch to find out more and get your tailored training together.

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Autumn 2020 - Limited Availability

Please get in touch with asap if you are looking to prepare towards exams this Autumn!
With our Autumn Gap Course running and a number of instructors already booked for private coaching, we have limited availability for October and November 2020.

Training will be delivered by our Head Coach Fede Sollini, qualified in multiple systems (Swiss Snowsports, IASI, CSIA, BASI) and with lengthy experience in training towards other national system.

Pick your Ski Coach

Here you can see who are the coaches available for the Full Focus weeks.
All coaches from Subzero Coaching are in a continuous development plan. Part of it is to keep on learning and attending qualifications courses in all aspects of sport and coaching. From strength and conditioning to nutrition, rehabilitation protocols, massages etc.
Through this continuous development we aim at rising the bar of our coaching quality, delivering you the best experience possible.

Pick your Ski Instructor Training Plan

Training on skis runs 5 days a week, 3 hours each day. Meeting points can be decided together and will always be directly on the hill, in order to maximize the time at disposal. If you want more (and you think your legs can take it) we'll keep on going!
Always available in the training regime:

  • Ski technique - piste, off-piste, introduction to gates
  • Teaching methodology
  • Video Analysis on personal technique
  • Video Analysis on teaching assessment
  • Mountain Safety training

If you need to prepare for exams please let us know in advance which system you belong to. So far we have successfully trained instructors towards: CSIA, IASI, BASI, Swiss Snowsport, OSSV (austrian) and towards the AMSI (italian) selections.

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Pick your Off-Snow Package

On top of the on-snow training we are able to include different services. Already in the package are two of the items in the list here below. Let us know your preferences and we'll deliver them!

  • Fitness Training
  • Postural check up and training scheme
  • Nutrition tips for skiing
  • Sport/Recovery Massage (30')

We believe that training should always have a global approach.
By adding up these extra activites we hope to increase the global awareness on how your body works. So you can avoid injuries and maximize the results of the time spent training. We are also available to follow up your progress by keeping in touch online and with periodical face to face meetings.

If you are keen in being followed more closely and in more detail you can also enter our "pro scheme" which we usually run only for professional athletes. Please note that this scheme contains physical tests and analysis that are provided by sport labs in Italy, for which travel and fees are considered extras.

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Pick your skis!

We collaborate with two major ski brands of the market and we are able to offer rental services for top range skis.
Subzero Coaching stocks its own skis selection, so you can prebook your equipment and avoid having to travel with too much gear!
Beside our Rossignol collection we are also in partnership with Carpani Skis: handcraft producer of probably the best skis in the market.
Together, we have developed a new ski line dedicated to ski instructors!

The Subzero Line is available only through us. And only through us we can modify and tailor them around your needs. Each set of skis comes with a series of possible modifications, that we will decide together after biomechanic tests and field tests. Currently we are the only ones, beside maybe the World Cup Circuit, that can provide this level of customization on ski equipment.
Check out the full collection here and don't worry about the price. You can rent them through us (limited numbers) or purchase them, also through us, at discounted rates!

Pick your dates!

Ski Instructor training is virtually possible only outside the winter peak weeks, so excluding Christmas, New Year, February Half Term and Easter. However, if for some reason you can only train during those weeks: please let us know as early as possible! We might be able to fulfill some requests.

We are located in Zermatt, where the ski area is open year round. And we are available year round!

Our long term ski instructor training courses run from October until May. This allows us to be able to offer shadowing hours or ski instructor coaching experiences during that period.

Get in touch with us!

Write to us directly at, we are always available for any question you might have!

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Ski Coach update!

Are you a ski instructor interested in becoming a ski coach?
If you are keen to gain experience in coaching other instructors or athletes please get in touch with us. Our collaborations with different ski schools and ski trip organizers can help you finding a job while training with us in the low season.
With so many different ski instructor training courses running during the winter we can provide unmatched shadowing opportunities. As well as solid training towards your highest qualification level.

Amongst other projects for the future we also have the creation of specialized courses, aimed at coaches that want to progress in their career by gaining a wider knowledge on the subject, or for new professionals that are finding their ground for the first time.
Stay tuned for the latest news, new courses, dates and venues will be released soon!

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