About us

About us

The Subzero Coaching Team

What we do

Subzero Coaching runs a wide range of training programmes, all focused towards the professional development of ski instructors and coaches. 
We are not a ski school. The courses we provide are calibrated in numbers of participants, in order for everyone to be able to achieve the highest results possible. Because we want to create the right environment suitable for focus and success, we run a limited number of courses in small groups.

Take a look at the range of courses we run here.

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How we do it

We elevate performance from day one.
Our aim is to embrace individual journeys and support everyone to challenge and push themselves. We focus on professional development and continuous improvement, and ultimately, we want everyone to recognise they can achieve more.

We work together

Subzero Coaching is a place where individuals come together and motivate each other, nurturing their passion for their careers. We support and value each other for the knowledge we can share within the team. We know well motivated and well supported people bring one thing: excellence. This is what drives us to do better.

We don't take shortcuts

In order to provide the ideal support to our customers, we create training programmes that are tailored around the pursuit to results; nevertheless, its the journey towards these that makes the difference. We are not here for the short term, and we want to ensure progress is long lasting and experiences are one of a kind.

Who we are

We are a team of professional coaches dedicated to their field, and while we all come with different backgrounds and specialisms, we all have one thing in common: to provide the highest standards of coaching. Interested in reading a little more about us? Read our bios below!

The Subzero Coaching Team