Sami Hodel

Telemark Coach Swiss Snowsports

Sami Hodel
Sami Hodel
  • Name: Samuel – Sami Hodel
  • Nationality: Swiss
  • Favourite Slopes:
    • Ventina, Gobba di Rollin Cervinia
    • National, Zermatt
  • Favourite Quotes:
    • Well done is better than well said – Benjamin Franklin
  • Languages:
    • English
    • German

Ski Qualifications

  • Swiss Snowsports Telemark Expert (examiner)
  • Member of Swiss Snowsports Telemark Education Pool and Demo Team Member
  • Jugend and Sport Alpine Ski Expert (examiner)


Samuel comes from a long carrer in the ski industry. In Zermatt alone he has been the Technical Director of one of the major schools in resort as well as the founder of another one. He also has a long history in sport. He started skiing very young, joining the local ski club and practicing every day after school. In his childhood he was also a successful gymnast, becoming part of the Swiss junior squad. In his time off his passion were watersports: windsurfing, wake-boarding and sailing on the lakes of Switzerland.

In 2006 he became J+S Ski Expert. His job is to train and assess ski coaches and ski camp leaders that want to qualify with Jeunesse and Sport, the Swiss national organisation for sport promotion and education. In 2008 he became Telemark Expert for Swiss Snowsports and entered the Education Pool in 2009. The main role of the Education Pool is to set the training path for people that want to become ski instructors, taking them from the very first steps all the way to the final exams of fully certified ski instructor. The Education Pool covers all the aspects of education, from technique to teaching methodology as well as Pedagogy. During the winter Sami runs courses in Switzerland to train and examine instructors looking to pass their Telemark exams. Today he also helps us running second discipline training for our ISIA Level Training programme.

2009 was an important year for him also for his water-based activities, as it was his first regatta on large racing yachts.
Today Sami sails and competes in the Maxi 72 category and also works for several other boats. His main role is Bow/Mid-bow/Mast, but as he says, “it’s a team sport and everyone tries to learn all the sections of the yacht!”
Regarding the competitions and travels he is involved in:
“We are part of a class and we do the events which the yacht owners agree. These are mainly in the Mediterranean (Spain, Italy, France) during the summer, and in the winter there are some races in the Caribbean. Inshore racing is the main type of regatta we participate in but we also go offshore; for example every second year we do the Newport Bermuda race. It’s a great chance you get, when you can be on one of this awesome high performance race yachts…I love it!”

Since 2009 Sami he is poster boy for Stoeckli, the famous Swiss ski brand. You can spot him on pictures in resort and in international ski press!

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