IASI Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1

IASI Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1

The Alpine Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1 represents the first level of the new IASI coaching pathway.

Following interests expressed by members, the association has responded by setting up this new education branch, for those interested in becoming more involved in the physical training of novice and advance athletes.

The Alpine S&C Coach Level 1 covers all aspects of what a coach needs to know before starting training novice athletes. This a 5 days-30 hours course with a one day assessment on the 6th day.

Course Aim

The course is aimed at snowsport professionals and sport instructors as well as athletes that want to increase their field of expertise in the area of Strength and Conditioning. The course wants to transfer across the knowledge needed to understand the athlete's needs in alpine sports.
Through a broad amount of information on the fundamentals of sport coaching and physical training we aim to create a solid backbone of knowledge for coaches venturing into this environment for the first time.
Athletes and instructors will also benefit from it for their own personal training regime!

Course guideline - IASI Alpine Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1

Physical Training Fundamentals

  • Basics of periodization
  • ABC’s - Agility, Balance, Coordination
  • Energy Systems

Use of techniques and exercises in:

  • circuit training
  • aerobics
  • weight lifting
  • acrobatics

This section is the most practical part of the course, where the actual on-field training techniques are presented.
This runs through a mix of seminars, workshops and practice time. Every participant will be able to learn, discuss and put in practice each part of this vast subject. In order to be able to pass the most complete information and empower people to be able to put this qualification into practice, this course will focus on novice athletes and the progression towards the higher levels.
When possible we will also invite athletes of different sports and experience to be used for real time practice and case study.

Coaching Fundamentals

  • Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring:
    what the differences are, why each is important and how to use them in athlete development for performance
  • LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development)
  • Coaching techniques for:
    -individual athletes and teams -children and adults – how, when and why to adapt
  • Coaching the Coach:
    Basics of coaching theories and how to get a team of coaches working together

General Sport Knowledge

Participants will be able to attend seminars on different topics that are essential for a better understanding of the overall athlete and sport's needs.

  • Anatomy and Biomechanics of Movement
  • Injury Prevention whilst Training
  • Nutrition Applied to Sport II (Part 2, following the seminar on the IASI Coaching Theory module)
  • Supplements in Sport
  • Doping in Sport
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After the 5 days course the final 6th day will be dedicated to the assessment. This will be split into three parts: written, oral and practical.
The presenters will illustrate all the different parts of the exam during the course and will help the candidates to best prepare for it.

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A prerequisite level of knowledge is needed for this course in order for candidates to be successful, as the course is designed for use by a professional ski instructor who may want to start working with athletes and also to make the course as constructive as possible.

To subscribe participants will need:
- Any IASI Level 1 (Alpine, Snowboard, Telemark, Adaptive, Freestyle, Race Coach)
- IASI Coaching Theory Module*

*this can be substituted by:
a similar module from another ski instructor association, personal training or sport coaching qualification, degree or diploma in sport.
All alternative learning/qualifications will need to be filed at the moment of subscription and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Course Location and Dates

We are working on running this course in different venues in Europe and with different packages.
Including a cost effective package in Italy, following the sport tradition of team summer camps. Just like a professional team, the coaches will live together as a team, in a spacious fully catered chalet. Surrounded by hilly forrests and of course close to sport facilities as well as a sport-oriented amusement park. More info coming out soon!

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You can get in touch with us directly at info@subzerocoaching.com for more info and updates on this course.

Reading material will also be available for candidates to prepare for this course. Articles from Subzero will be uploaded on the dedicated page.

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