Subzero Coaching Testimonials

Carson Brzeczek – Autumn Gap + ISIA L3 Team

“Fede is an amazing coach. I participated in the level one and two certifications course in October and November. After I passed both of those exams I was convinced into staying for the level three training. Over the season I saw myself become the best skier I knew how to be all because of Fede.
My skiing changed for the better and over the eight months I saw huge progress in not only my skiing but also the other participants in my class. Everyone was progressing and trying to become better at what they love.
I am now a full cert in PSIA and I work out of Vail, Colorado.
Without Fede’s intel I would’ve been at the bottom of the totem pole fighting for a decent lesson. Now I get booked into privates, get higher level lessons, even get paid much more for having these certifications.”

Carson Achievements during the season with us:
October : Alpine Level 1
November: Alpine Level 2
January: Mountain Safety L1
March: Race Coach L1, Coach Theory module, Alpine Level 3 Tech
April: Alpine Level 3 Teach

Carson’s achievements were matched by Joe Hilsdon, also 19 of age, joining our team from November 2020.


Daniel O’Dor – Autumn Gap + ISIA L3 TeamAward winning ski instructor training company

“If your goal is to take your skiing to the next level, you are at the right place! Can’t recommend it highly enough 🙂 and a large community of like minded snow sport enthusiasts awaits you here within and beyond Subzero”.

What were the highlights of the training?

Every single day felt like the highlight of the season at the time, but if I had to pick a single one > The off piste day led by a local mountain guide at the foot of the Matterhorn’s glacier.

Would you recommend the course/coach and if so why?

100%, because you get bespoke coaching by someone who deeply and passionately cares about you succeeding and achieving whatever your goals might be on or off skis.

How would you describe your experience in one sentence?

It has surpassed my dreams and expectations in every way possible.

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Testimonials from Subzero Coaching courses

Matt Grundy – ISIA L3 + Level 4 Team

“Subzero coaching cannot be recommended highly enough!
I have trained with Subzero’s team for the last two winters, achieving my Level three ISIA and now progressing through the Level four based in the incredible Swiss ski resort Zermatt! Their head coach Federico is very thorough and will never fail to test your skills and push your limits and boundaries! The coaching periods are a great time to meet and train alongside like minded individuals exploring various resorts and fast tracking your career development.”

Matt completed the full Level 3 (7 modules) in one solar year and achieved the Level 4 Tech + ISIA Speed test the following season with us.

Mathias Bjorn – ISIA L3 + Level 4 Team

“I have spent 2 seasons training with Subzero Coaching, and it is the best ski training I have ever received, but it is so much more than just ski training, The coaches does not only make you and incredible skier, but they also help you understand the industry. For many people the ski industry is far from their normal day job, and Subzero really understand that and are more than just a coach, they are also a mentor.

I would recommend this highly to anyone there ask me where to go training. There is a reason they have been nominated as the best training program in Europe. It is simply because they are.

They work hard and put everything into it, and if you do the same your skiing will reach the next level.”

Mathias completed the full Level 3 (7 modules) in one solar year training with us.

Tom Spencer – ISIA Level 3 Team

“I spent the 18/19 season training with Subzero and can’t praise Fede and the rest of the team enough!
Fantastic coaching and training that has increased not just, my ability but also my understanding of the mechanics and science behind skiing well no end.
Just wish I was training with them again this season.”

Will Wing Pang – ISIA Level 3 Team

“All the exercises have been useful to my skiing career; I saw a huge improvement in all areas of my skiing, longs, shorts, bumps and off piste. One thing that really helped was to understand how I preferred to learn. Being able to better understand new ideas and practices made a big difference; as well as how to teach differently. Excellent training, excellent trainers, excellent company. Just do it.”

Will passed his Austrian qualification at the end of the season with us.

Alistar “Griff” Scobbie –  Level 4 & Speed Test Training

“I joined several Subzero courses over two seasons to prepare for my Level 4 Tech and Speed Test. I found the quality of the training second to none and very personalised to my requirements. Fede (my coach) always took the time to discuss goals with each individual on the course and helped everyone to maximise their potential through a dedicated and targeted training program.
In addition, the ongoing support from Fede was excellent and I always felt that I could contact him day and night if I had a specific question about my ongoing training. Subzero was a breath of fresh air to me – and it certainly worked as I passed both tech and speed test at the end of the season completing my level 4.
I would not hesitate to recommend them, whatever your level.”

Ian Mearns – ISIA Level 3 Team

“My favourite day on snow was skiing fresh snow (whenever we had it) with the whole Subzero crew, it’s such a blast. Whenever we had a good dump Fede our trainer made sure we got some miles in on the fresh stuff!!!”

“My skiing has improved massively, I came into the season below ISIA standard and with the help of Subzero Coaching I have managed to pass my level 3 technical exam and am comfortably skiing to this level since the exam.
My teaching has also improved tremendously, again with the help of Subzero Coaching but also I have gained a lot of real life teaching from the ski school during busy periods.”
Ian’s advice?
“Most of all … embrace it!!!!!!!”

Ian completed the full Level 3 (7 modules) in one solar year training with us

Adrian Foster – Level 4 Team

Great coaches are visionaries.
Great coaches instill, nurture, and encourage vision, then model and motivate… Surrender to it and go back for more as I did with Subzero Coaching.

Kieran Whelan – Autumn Gap Course

“The course has been really interesting; it started off completely stripping back my technique and going back to basics. It was really interesting to re-learn step by step the components of skiing technique, it gave me a much better understanding of the way I ski and how my future students should be learning to ski”

“The lectures on equipment was very insightful. Now I actually know what to look for when buying my equipment in future.”

Rihards Anson – Level 2 Team

I did my level 2 training program before the exam. Subzero is The Best!
High qualified coaches. Lots of individual feedback. Had a great time and improved myself a lot. Looking forward for Level 3 training.

Ellie Braine – Autumn Gap Course

“I am really enjoying the course, even though it is tough. It is also extremely rewarding when you do progress and achieve things you couldn’t achieve at the beginning. I have definitely had my good and my bad days, but the patience and support of the whole group have helped me so much.”

Ski instructor training

“Apart from the time we spend on the mountains; I have really enjoyed Friday night dinners, drinks and ski movies nights all organised by Caroline (our course coordinator). One thing I highly recommend doing is going paragliding! One of the best experiences I have ever had in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Don’t want to leave !”

Gemma Deed – ISIA Level 3 Team

My confidence in my skiing and teaching abilities has increased greatly throughout the season, I realised that not only did I enjoy teaching but that I am pretty good at it too!”
Her advice?

“Do it. The ISIA programme offers way more than just on snow training and exceeded all my expectations”

Gemma completed the full Level 3 (7 modules) in one solar year training with us

Naomi Gordon – Race Coach Training

Having undertaken several courses with Subzero coaching, I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Head Coach Fede is extremely insightful, and has comprehensive knowledge in training, technique, physiology and conditioning; all delivered in a finely tuned package that’s perfect for both instructors in training and athletes alike.

Lello Clark – ISIA Level 3 Team

This was my first winter season and it couldn’t have gone better.  I met some really great people and the fact we all got on so well really made it a season never to be forgotten.”

“I set myself a few goals before the season began and one of them was to gain more teaching experience.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to teach as much as I actually did, so all on all I am really happy to have had the opportunity and I feel far more confident with teaching.”
His advice?
Sign up. Now.”

Charlie Prowse – Autumn Gap Course

“Going back to basics and correcting our basic skiing such as the plough which I though I was great at but turned out I had some mistakes. Going back to basics and correcting the mistakes has benefitted me greatly. Now I have more understanding of the skiing movements and how they help you to perform at a more advanced level.”
“One thing that I have learnt that has really changed my skiing is how tall I stand. Before I came on the course I felt that I was quite low but from the video recording that we do I have seen that I stand very tall. It really helped me as I can see how I ski and have now corrected this. Skiing with a much more stable body position has improved my skiing greatly.”

Other Reviews

Training days, ski trips and much more are told by the participants of the Gap courses, ISIA Level 3 and Level 4 training teams in the dedicated blog sections. Visit the blog page here and find out more more about them! Follow us on Facebook and instagram to keep up to date with the training and the coaching teams!

Subzero Coaching Results

With a coaching team coming from a competition background in various sports, we are fully aware that the game isn’t just a game. Results have to be delivered. We believe these results go beyond just skiing, as the experiences we make have to go beyond the simple exercise of adding up numbers and ticking boxes.
For this reason we do our best to create an environment in which each individual can grow and achieve which ever goal in life.
That said, recordable numbers are  important.
We are proud to say that, so far, each generation of Gap courses and ISIA L3 courses were successful at all the modules they have been booking onto.
As well, all  participants to the Gap Courses were able to secure a job by the end of the course with us.
At the Level 4 we also had excellent results, led by our Matthew Grundy, who joined us as Level 2 and managed to complete the full Level3 and pass the Level 4 Tech and ISIA Speed Test by the end of the second season together.
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Subzero Coaching – Courses Testimonials