Zermatt Autumn – Become a Ski Instructor

Zermatt Autumn – Become a Ski Instructor

Become a Ski Instructor in Zermatt, Switzerland

Looking for a gap year skiing or a career change? Award winning ski instructor training company

Why Here and Why Now

Because some things are more worthwhile than others. And those things can’t wait. Here and now is when great journeys begin – and this is a unique one.

When we organize training programmes, we do so by thinking about what we could have experienced ourselves when we went through them.  So today we go out and see if we can make the above and beyond happen for others. We put together the best package we can, because we ourselves would only want the best out of such experiences. If skiing is what you love and mountains is where you want to be, this is where your Ski Instructor Training starts.

Zermatt and the Matterhorn Glacier, Switzerland

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Overlooking the most iconic mountain in the world, the village of Zermatt recives visits all year round from climbers, hikers and skiers from across the globe. Autumn in the Matterhorn valley is a beautiful experience, with the forests around town turning beautiful colours and the mountains around the glaciers becoming whiter as winter approaches. The ski area at our disposal is the highest in Europe, reaching nearly 4.000 meters at it’s highest point (Klein Matterhorn Cable Car). This guarantees the most reliable snow conditions in the Alps, making  Zermatt one of the best places to be for Autumn skiing. Would you start your gap year skiing anywhere else?

The Training

ISIA ski instructor training

The Course is organised and run by Professional Coaches. This is another advantage we provide; with over 10 years of experience in the sport industry, we are not ski instructors from another ski school; we are a coaching team that has worked together for years and is dedicated to  making this program the best it can be. The overall structure of the training is carefully planned and run by a Sport Coach who is also a Ski Instructors’ Examiner. This way we are able to make the most out of every run, every day and every week of skiing.
Training will run daily from Monday to Friday. We will have 3 hours of skiing in the morning, a lunch break, then another 2 hours in the afternoon.

A mix of personal ski technique development and teaching development will be the core of each day on the hill. You will learn how to improve your carving, short turns, moguls and fresh snow skiing. Plus introduction clinics in Freestyle and Avalanche awareness. In addition, you will refine your teaching abilities, learn how to manage a class of students and work toward improving their skiing.

The weekend is free, allowing free practice on the slopes or a well deserved rest. You can also explore the surroundings; the town or the great outdoors.  We are aware training at altitude is tiring, so we schedule enough downtime for everyone to enjoy the experience.

In Details

Ski Training includes:
– Ski Technique Training
– Teaching and Group Leading Training
– Video Analysis on Personal Technique
– Video Analysis for Teaching Development
– Avalanche Awareness clinics
– Introduction to Freestyle
– Accredited First Aid Course

In the afternoon and evening we run:
– Weekly Dryland Training and Stretching sessions
– Seminars on Anatomy and Biomechanics applied to Skiing
– Seminars on Teaching Methods, Ski Equipment, Customer Care

We provide a Course Coordinator, whose job is to look after the team and ease your way into the resort. With an in-depth experience in coaching, ski instructing and the Zermatt village, the coordinator will be the ideal support during the season.

Pre-course Preparation

Our Strength and Conditioning Coach is at your disposal for any help in the physical preparation ahead of the programme. We can help make changes to your current routine or creating a brand new approach, tailored to your needs towards this skiing adventure. We will take care of you as soon as you contact us!
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The Exams

The Programme includes the IASI Level 1 and Level 2 exams.

The Level 1 exam will be held at the end of the first 3 weeks of the ski gap.
This way we will have plenty of time to prepare accordingly for the assessment and maximize the chances of success.
Note: In case of failure the exam can be retaken later on in the programme.
The IASI L1 qualification allows instructors to teach indoor and on dryslopes, so you could potentially start teaching in those facilities.

The Level 2 exam runs in the last week of November, right before the start of the Winter. This allows you to apply to any school in town or in other ski resort.  The IASI L2 qualification allows instructors to teach outdoor and unsupervised, making a ski instructor free to work anywhere in the world.

Ski Gap IASI

IASI is recognized by all european countries and the majority of ski schools in the world; thanks to a great work of recognition the association nurtured in the last few years. It will allow you to apply to any ski school you will want to work for!

Career Opportunities after your Gap Year Skiing

Going through a Course in the pre-season has the benefit of enabling you to connect with the ski industry before the winter  begins.
During the ski gap you will have the chance to apply for interviews with ski schools based in Switzerland (Zermatt and other resorts) and across Europe who are looking for new instructors for the upcoming season. Our contacts will also help you finding jobs in designated schools in Canada and Japan!
Visit our recruitment section to find out more about the ski industry, work opportunities and education pathways information!

Accommodation and Food

Included in the course fee, we also provide catered accommodation in town.
Our chalets are in the middle of the old Zermatt Town, in cosy and typical wooden chalets, freshly renovated and fully furbished.
The Bahnhofstrasse, Zermatt’s main street, is just 5 minutes walk away. The Klein Matterhorn lift is 10 minutes walk and if you don’t fancy the walk, the bus stop is on your doorstep.

Weekly cleaning and linen change is included. Breakfast and dinner are also included and will be served at the chalet 5 days a week. Tasty and freshly prepared every day, taking in account your nutritional needs during the training.

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Our Trips and easy-to-reach surrounding areas.

When we organize courses we always think about what we would like  (or would have liked, back in the days) to do with the time at our disposal.
One option is a ski day in Saas Fee! One of the largest ski glaciers of the region awaits for us to visit on a day trip. With its beautiful scenery and slopes, it’s a great chance to explore a different terrain and visit a new town in Switzerland.

We kept the weekends free also to give the opportunity to travel around the region following your thirst for adventure. Just half hour away, using the famously puntual swiss trains, you can visit the towns of Visp and Brig. In less than 2 hours you can reach the city of Sion. Capital of the Valais region, features a beautiful old town and vignards.
The Valais region has a strong wine tradition and October is one of the best months to exploit it!

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Ski Gap Pre Requisites

To make the most out of the  Course we recommend at least 10 weeks of ski experience.
Any kind of previous experience in coaching or teaching will be beneficial towards the teaching part of the exams. We are there to maximise your chances of success and to transfer as much of our knowledge as possible; so don’t panic if this is your first teaching experience!
Being physically able to sustain long skiing days at altitude will make the overall experience easier and more comfortable. Again, our coaches are at your disposal for any tips on fitness training prior to the course!

Course Fee

Make sure you book your course in advance, to make the most out of our discounts! For bookings made before the end of May 2019 we offer 20% off the full fee. Enabling you to save over 1.800 CHF!
For bookings made before mid August 2019 we offer 10% discount, whis allows you to save over 900 CHF from the full fee.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@subzerocoaching.com
We are looking forward to having you on board for this new exciting adventure.

Ski Gap Zermatt Switzerland

Keep updated and get more info on this course by following the dedicated Blog page! Written by course participants, bringing you the latest news and updates. Check out the Testimonials page to find out more about participants experiences!

The Subzero Coaching Coaching Team

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