Subzero Coaching & ChemoTherapy Support

Subzero Coaching & ChemoTherapy Support
.Skiing Chemotherapy support, when chemo skiing or skiing in chemo. We are skiing after chemotherapy and on chemotherapy holiday. So get into chemo rehab and chemo fitness for your chemo holiday.


“Don’t hide your scars… They make you who you are.”
Frank Sinatra


“It was 1994 when i was diagnosed non-Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 9. Without realizing it, i spent the next two decades of my life working in sport, health and fitness from a variety of different angles. Through my own experience i realized the huge lack of possibilities for chemo and former chemo patients to do activities and really get their lives back.
Today, as Founder and Head Coach of Subzero Coaching, i am looking to make my contribution.”
Federico Sollini


Free Ski Lessons & Guiding – Zermatt, Switzerland 

A good chunk of my time is spent in Zermatt, Switzerland, delivering ski instructor courses.
Trying to juggle the calendar at best of possibilities, time will be allocated for free lessons to all those coming out of Chemotherapy and looking to spend time in the fresh air.
I am aware of the physical conditions one might end up after an enjoyable time in the hospital (not). Therefore, together we’ll try find the best rhythm for our ski together, without stressing out.

By default skiing is not recommended to patients currently undertaking chemo. However, if your doctor is happy to sign a waver allowing you to do so, welcome onboard!


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Subzero’s Ski Dates & Bookings

When in Zermatt in Winter we are committed to make time each month, dedicating time for free lessons to former patients.
Dates will be updated as our schedule allows, though please get in touch if you already have your holiday set, we might be able to accommodate to your calendar.

For Summer dates please be aware ski lessons can only take place on the Matterhorn Glacier (check it out here), at an altitude between 3500 and 3900 meters. As well, blue runs are very limited, so ski days are recommended to skiers with of at least intermediate level.

Summer 2022
July 7th & 8th
August 10th & 11th
September TBC

Winter 2022/23
December to April TBC

For info and booking please get in touch at, (Ref: Skiing Chemotherapy)


Fitness Prep & Rehab – Bologna, Italy

In the Summer months Head Coach Fede Sollini travels between Italy and Switzerland. In Bologna, his home city, we have the opportunity to offer free consultation for fitness programmes and rehab protocols.

bologna chemotherapy rehab

These can run at our go-to gym & swimming pool, outdoors or at your domicile.

Working along side our established network of Physiotherapists, Sports Doctors and Coaches we can also offer access to a variety of professional figures which will work in sync to help out.

For any info please get in touch with us, in English or Italian, at (ref: Chemo Rehab)


The Sollini Family along with the family business Nemine 80 have been contributing to ANT Onlus Foundation for a number of years. Follow the link to find out more about the Foundation and make your contribution.

About the Coach

Beside having had first-hand experience with cancer and chemotherapy (a “lovely” 2 years process and a life time follow up scheme), Fede grew up with a keen interest in the human body, training and nutrition. Following these passions he started getting multiple qualifications since young age, along with gaining experience along side experienced coaches and physiotherapists. Amongst others:

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Posture Educator
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Sport Masseur
  • Ski Instructor, Coach & Examiner

All of this to gain an holistic approach to whichever kind of goal you are looking to achieve.
Through the collaboration with other professionals he is able to offer support to each individual, towards whichever target you are working towards.

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