Ski Career

Ski Instructor Job Zermatt – Level 3

Ski Career

How to start a ski career? Find out more on our blog, with articles talking about ski courses and ski career.
We gather ski coaches to provide the best training and the best experience in the industry. Launching your new ski career in the easiest way possible. Getting in touch with people in the industry and providing the right support.

Our Ski Career Course Offer

Our “become ski instructor courses” in the Autumn and in the Winter initiate the patwhay in the ski instructor career. With all included packages, we provide accommodation, food, training and all exams fees. Training in the best time of the year, before the start of the winter and before the start of Feb Half Term.
We than have the ISIA Level 3 course, to take you to the next level of the ski instructor pathway. 11 weeks of training during the season, to enable you to work in the high season. We train you for all the modules of the Level 3 exam! With expert coaches in every field.
With the the Level 4 training we guide you towards the full certification. Giving you the chance to maximize your employment all over the world. 6 weeks of training in the low season, so you can work and make money while finishing the certifications!

Member’s advantages

We provide discounts to all subscribers to our courses. Through our sponsors we can provide deals on equipment, accommodation and even holiday destinations.
Exclusive access to articles and distance support via our members area on the website.
Discounts on training clinicls we provide during the summer and winter including: – Euro test training
– Strength and Conditioning for skiing
– Language classes
– First Aid Certifications
– Mountain safety clinics
– Shadowing ski coaches during the training delivery
– Posture education and rehabilitation
All to provide the best service possible to our members!