IASI Coaching Theory Module

IASI Coaching Theory Module

On this blog page you will find articles to prepare towards the IASI Coaching Theory Module that runs through us in Zermatt and other locations in Europe.
With this series of articles we hope to be of some help to your instructor development, as well as maximing the time we have at disposal during the course.

Ski Instructor Education

Please keep visiting this page as we will keep it up to date with new information. On both new Coaching Theory courses and new articles on the different subjects!

IASI Pathway

For more information on the IASI pathway please visit the official website page.
If you are interested in finding out more about our instructor courses and the IASI exams we run in Zermatt please follow the direct links!

We hope you enjoy the IASI Coaching Theory Module and looking forward to hear your feedback soon!

The Subzero Coaching Team