IASI Exams

IASI Exams

IASI Ski Instructor Exams

Subzero Coaching is an official IASI LCP (licensed course provider) in Zermatt, Switzerland.
Here below you can find a complete list of all the courses we offer with venues and dates. Each course also has dedicated pages, so please visit the links we have posted under each module!

IASI Exams 2021/22

Please follow the link here to book onto the Level 3 and Level 4 Courses for season 2021/22.


IASI Ski Instructor Exams – Alpine

Autumn 2021, on the Zermatt-Matterhorn Glacier:
IASI Alpine Level 1, 25th – 3oth October
IASI Alpine Level 2, 21st – 27th November.

Winter 2021/22, on the Zermatt-Matterhorn Paradise ski area:
IASI Alpine Level 1, 24th – 29th January (provisional)
IASI Alpine Level 2, 21st – 26th March (provisional)

The IASI Alpine Level 1 is the first step to the become a ski instructor.
It allows you to teach in indoor environments as well as controlled areas, such as artificial slopes and some beginners areas in the mountains.
The course runs for 6 days and includes technical and teaching training. The exam runs as a “continuous assessment”, where the candidate has many opportunities to showcase the level of technical skiing and teaching knowledge required.

The IASI Alpine Level 2 is the first qualification that allows you to work in the full mountain environment. It allows you to successfully apply for ski instructor jobs in ski resorts, all over the world.
The course runs for 6 days, with training on both technical and teaching aspects. Just like the Level 1, the exam runs as “continuous assessment” for the duration of the course.
To find out more about the IASI pathway and a full overview of it, check out our dedicated article here.

Ski Instructor Exam Preparation

Having gone through the pathway ourself we know jumping into the course “cold blooded” can be challenging. Therefore, prior to each IASI exam we also organize a comprehensive training week prior to each exam.
Amongst other things you will be able to meet your IASI Examiner and get to know each others. On snow shadowing hours opportunities are also available!

If you are looking to get your Level 2 and could do with a bit more than just a week away, we have created a new formula, the “Full Blast” course! 3 weeks of training prior to the Level 2 exam; A full-immersion course to get your best chances of success, spend some time on the mountain and get the chance to be introduced to our ski school network! Find out more about it here.

Alpine L1&L2 Exam Fees

The prices of these courses are the standard IASI rate: 610 euros.
Which includes the 6 full days course, during which we’ll do our best to help you succeeding in your goals. Find out more about discounts available here below.

preseason ski instructor training, level 3 ski instructor training

Becoming a Race or Freestyle Coach

If you are keen to become a Ski Coach in either Racing or Freestyle, IASI offers a dedicated pathway towards this goal. Split in different stages in order to offer the best knowledge possible, the pathway includes:

  1. Alpine/Snowboard Instructor Level 1
  2. Race/Freestyle Coach Level 1
  3. Race/Freestyle Coach Level 2
    + Coaching Theory Module

In order to start the Coaching Courses candidates must first succeed at the Alpine/Snowboard Level 1 course. This is allows the coach to learn the basics of teaching as well as developing his/her technical knowledge of the fundamental movements in skiing. The Alpine/SB Level 1 is also a great chance to practice different scenarios as well as undertake some personal performance training.

The Coaching Theory Module offers coaches a useful insight on many topics related to the subject: Strength and Conditioning principles, Basics of Nutrition and applications in sport, Posture and injury prevention, basics of psychology, ski equipment construction etc


IASI Race Coach Level 1IASI race coach Level 1 Cervinia

March/April 2021 – Cervinia TBC

Every year in March or April, in Cervinia,  and from 2020 also in the autumn session, we run the IASI Race Coach Level 1.
This is a 3-days course which allows participants to learn the basics of alpine race coaching.

Overall View

The Race Coach Level 1 includes practical and theoretical parts. During the course participants will learn and practice how to work together as a team, develop each others performance, develop personal performance, how to set up a Slalom course and how to ski it.
On the Race Coach Level 2 the Slalom course setting skills are consolidated and the Giant Slalom setting is introduced.

Ski Instructors – ISIA Requirements

In order to complete the IASI level 3 qualification all ski instructors have to attend either the Race Coach or the Freestyle Coach Level 1 course. This is to comply with the ISIA requirements towards the ISIA Stamp and Card. These courses are also an essential part of the development each instructors should go through.

For more info visit the dedicated page here.


IASI Freestyle Coach Level 1 & 2

May 2021 – Zermatt TBC

Delivered by Andy Bennett, IASI Freestyle Educator & Examiner as well as Technical Coach for the Freestyle GB Team!
This course is an excellent opportunity to get an amazing experience on rails and kickers, learning from one of the best in the business.

Running the Level 1 and the Level 2 back to back, allows participants to make the most out of a single trip. Hopefully leaving with a full Level 2 in their pocket!

We run this at Snow World in Landgraaf as this allows us to make the most out of the time available, as well as guaranteeing access to the near by trampoline facility.
The package on offer includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, ski pass and access to the gym and spa area. The best way to spend a week up in the air.

Overall View

Follow the link here to find out more about the this course, read through the criteria as well as downloading all the available material, including workbooks and manual!


IASI Coaching Theory Module

Zermatt (CH) – TBC January 2022

This module is part of the Level 3 ISIA stamp qualification and it needs to be attended in order to achieve this certification. It is open for any members with any level of qualification, as this can be a very useful module for all snowsports professionals. It is also valid as a license refresher (CPD)!
Follow the link to visit the section dedicated to this module, along with all the preparatory articles.
Every year we also create a Facebook group for people interested in attending, allowing participants to get to know each others and help finding/sharing accommodation.



IASI Alpine Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1

Our Coaching Team has been engaged by IASI to run the Alpine Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1 qualification. This education camp is aimed at sport professionals interested in expanding their knowledge in the coaching arena.
Topics span from physical training techniques to coaching and mentoring methodology. All members with at least a Level 1 qualification can attend this module. This is not a skiing module, but a dryland coaching qualification!
For more information please follow the link here!

iasi strength and conditioning coach level 1




Looking after IASI Members

As fellow colleague instructors we try to be as helpful as we can with any deal we can provide. IASI ski instructors that subscribe to our courses will have access to offers provided by our partner companies.
They include: accommodation in Zermatt, deals on baselayer and garment, deals on ski equipment.

IASI Ski Instructor Exams ISIA refresher


IASI Ski Instructor Refresher – ISIA refresher

We are available to do one or more resfresher day(s) for your IASI qualification. Making the most out of this time together, we will run through the association updates but mainly focus of your ski technique or teaching methods. We can decide the schedule together!

ISIA Training Program

We are also able to run valid ISIA refreshers (for those who hold the ISIA stamp or card) which are accepted by ISIA itself.
Get in touch with us to organize your dates, for either groups or individuals.





Ski Instructors Long Term Education

For those looking for a comprehensive course to start their ski career we have two Gap Courses. Running in the Autumn and in the Winter, for 8 and 9 weeks, these courses allow participants not to just improve their skiing and teaching skills, but also to get to know the ski industry from within.

Further IASI Ski Instructors Education

In order to support snowsport professionals through out their career and education we run courses towards the Level 3 and Level 4 qualifcations.
Find out more through the links and get in touch with us. We can put together a package tailored around your calendar and exams needs!



subzero coaching ski gap course


IASI Ski Instructor Exam Zermatt, Switzerland

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