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Freestyle Coach

Freestyle Coaching Certification

Award winning ski instructor training company
Get your freestyle coaching certification with the IASI Freestyle Ski Coach Level 1 & Level 2 every May.

The course is run by Andy Bennett:

  • IASI Freestyle Educator & Examiner
  • Irish Interski Demo Team Member at Interski 2019
  • Technical Coach for the Freestyle GB Team
  • Former GB Athlete (Nord America Cup, Europa Cup, World Cup)
  • Snowsport England freestyle course tutor
  • Diploma in sports and exercise science

A great chance to get an amazing experience on all park’s features, learning from one of the best in the business. To find out more about Andy visit the dedicate profile page here.

IASI Freestyle Ski Coach Level 1 & Level 2

The course includes:

  • Freestyle Ski Coach Level 1, which is the first step for the coaching career in this pathway. As well as being one of the modules needed for ski instructors interested in completing their Level 3 ISIA Stamp with IASI.
  • Freestyle Ski Coach Level 2, representing the second step in the coaching pathway for freestyle in IASI.

This is a full immersion course,  with the same content of the 6 days course, spread on a 5 days event. Each day will be full of activities, with training sessions in the mornings and afternoons.

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Freestyle Coach Level 1 Assessment Criteria

All participants must be members of IASI before signing up for the course. If you are not a member yet please get in touch with the IASI office at and cc us in at

Technical (Ski)

The following are reference maneuvers used to assess the required skill standard (see below for technical basis).

  • General skiing – Parallel on red terrain with a consistent round turn shape showing the ability to balance on the outside ski
  • Switch skiing – Linked parallel on blue terrain with consistent round turn shape showing good special awareness maintaining control
  • Rails – Slide a basic rail and box at 90 degrees popping off forwards and switch showing good balance and control.
  • Airs – The ability to show a well-timed pop with control in the air and a balanced landing on the middle of the ski.
  • Show a variety of basic grabs with basic movements timed well.
  • Perform a basic rotation (minimum of 180) over a small jump showing good timing with movements in the correct sequence and ski away in control.

Teaching/Coaching  (Ski & Snowboard)

  • Safety – Perform a fun freestyle lesson safely with a basic progression.
  • Understanding – Show an understanding of basic freestyle movements with a good knowledge of technical progressions.
  • Communication – The ability to interact, engage and motivate when coaching. Uses a variety of tools to keep students engaged and maintain maximum class activity.
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Freestyle Coach Level 2 Assessment Criteria


  • Show confidence on bigger features (jumps, rails, pipes or transitions)
  • Show accurate judgement of speed into a kicker 8m table or bigger (speed test for the group)
  • Good quality basic rotation with a grab (180 and above)
  • Show 3 of 4 180’s
  • 270 on or off a basic rail (not box)
  • Show the ability to slide a rail with a street style takeoff
  • Show switch carving with confidence and a high level of skill (minimum blue run)
  • Minimum of 3 different grabs in a straight air

Teaching/Coaching Assessment

  • Show accurate technical understanding of bio-mechanics (trick identification)
  • Good knowledge of progressions and apply them in coaching sessions
  • Show a basic understanding of the FIS judging criteria
  • Show a basic understanding of the pathway to elite level competition
  • Good knowledge of park features and freestyle specific equipment
  • Show an understanding of TTPPEE and use it appropriately in coaching sessions
  • Ability to understand performance charts, goal setting and apply to coaching sessions
  • Run a basic strength and conditioning session
  • Show an understanding of basic nutrition in relation to training and competition
  • Have an understanding of competition formats/rules and coaches roles at various levels
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Freestyle Coaching Certification - Readings

Make sure you prepare for your freestyle coach course by reading all the available material:
IASI Freestyle Coach Level 1 Ski & Snowboard Workbook

IASI Freestyle Coach Level 2 Ski Workbook

IASI Freestyle Coach Level 1 Manual pdf

IASI Freestyle Coach Level 2 Manual

IASI Freestyle Ski Coach Pre-Course Reading

Course Accommodation Landgraaf

When booking onto this course we recommend to book accommodation within the ski dome. We have a number of rooms already reserved for the first few candidates that apply.

In the flyer here you can find the price list. Please note that the accommodation price is per person per night and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as the ski pass for the slope and access to the gym!

Accommodation package available through us only until the 29th July.

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Course Dates

2022/2023 - TBC

We recommend to arrive on the day prior to the start of the course. Participants can decide to leave either at the end of the last day (after 4 pm) or stay for an extra night.
Accommodation has to be confirmed and payed upon signing up for the course. The course fee only covers the training and the exams.

Make sure you use the dedicated Facebook event group to get in touch with other participants and help each other out with transport to and from the facility!

Zermatt Freestyle Event

For the May dates in Zermatt we are organizing a full freestyle event, which will go on for a total of 10 days!

The opening event will be the IASI Freestyle CPD, a 3 days course open to all skiers and riders looking to improve and learn new tricks without the exam pressure.
Following that the IASI Level 1 and Level 2 will take place, open to anyone keen to qualify as  freestyle coach, on either skis or board!

More info and event schedule coming up soon, keep this page saved!

Course Fee

The full 5 days course fee is the standard IASI price of 620 euros (or 660 CHF)

Places are limited to a maximum of 8 people, on either skis or snowboard. As this is a coaching qualification both disciplines will be working together!

For bookings and payments please get in touch with us directly

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Other Coaching Courses

Subzero Coaching also runs the Race Coach level 1 as well as the Alpine Strength & Conditioning Courses and the Coach Theory course for IASI. For more info on these courses visit the dedicated section here.

Ski Instructors interested in training & working programs towards the Level 3 or the Level 4 can visit the dedicated linked pages and get in touch with us to apply (

If you are looking to prepare towards the Euro-test (or new EU CTT test) found out more about the year round Race Training opportunities with us here.

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Freestyle Coaching Certification - IASI Freestyle Coach Level 1 & Level 2