Level 4 – Full Cert Training

Level 4 – Full Cert Training

Level 4 Ski Instructor Training

The Level 4 Ski Instructor Training with Subzero Coaching will start from the very beginning of the next winter season!

The Schedule

Every month of the season we will have training weeks running to prepare you for the L4 tech and teach modules.
The training will be held on the slopes of Zermatt, from December until April, and in small groups only.
Technique, from general biomechanics functions to the specific exam’s forms.
Video analysis, of course be part of the training, both on the hill and in town on bigger screens.
Teaching training, be prepared both direct workshop within the L4 group and also by shadowing hours!
The great advantage of having a L3 training group running all winter long is the chance of shadowing the coaches on the course. Clocking hours of experience in the high level teaching area which would otherwise be difficult to get.

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Upon request we also have available:
– Mountain safety sessions, just in case you need a refresher before the Eurosecurité (or EMS) test.

Race Training Camp, organized with our former World Cup Race Coach. Topping up all the tech training and preparing a solid ground for the Eurotest.

– Dryland training, along with our ISIA Training Program, which will be running all season long, so you can keep fit and get to the exams in the best shape.


By using the training blocks in each month we can maximize the time at disposal during the low season and leave enough space for you to work in the peak weeks. Being able to chose whether you want to train all day (check with us when this option is available) or just half days will also enable you to pick up work during the training weeks as well.

The Coaching Team has a broad and solid experience in getting the best out of everyone.
Examiners, Trainers, Coaches and Demo Team Members. All there for you.


Level 4 Ski Instructor Training – Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirements? The L3 tech and teach modules already achieved and the commitment to get the L4!
In the past we have successfully trained candidates towards:
BASI level 4,
IASI level 4,
CSIA Level 4,
APSI and NZSIA full cert.

We believe it is essential to work on your fitness and physical abilities before starting this course. Our Strength and Conditioning coaches are available for suggestions and help in creating a training summer programme. At the beginning of the course you will be tested on a few skills, like balance and coordination, and you will be asked to follow the coach’s suggestions in order to improve those skills, also off-snow! If you already have a S&C coach don’t worry, we won’t put pressure on you. Just make sure you are well prepared!

Level 4 ski instructor training

“Rise and rise again, until lambs become Lions”

Working as Ski Instructor

We are not a ski school, but a training centre specialized in ski instructors training. So while we don’t employ instructors we work with a number of ski schools that are looking for new snowsports professionals. If you are looking for the chance to train with us and also work during the peak weeks let us know. We will be happy to help outand get you in touch with our partners schools around Switzerland and the Alps.

For info and bookings please contact us: info@subzerocoaching.com


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Ski Schools

If your ski school is looking for: BASI Level 4, CSIA Level 4, IASI Level 4 or NZSIA/APSI fully certified instructors get in touch with us. We work and train with a number of Level 4 ski instructor training towards these qualifications. You can get in touch with us privately via email or publish a job advert on our recruitment section. A number of schools have already got in touch to find their new snowsport professionals! Keep up to date via our FB page.

Subzero Coaching – BASI Level 4 – IASI Level 4 – CSIA Level 4 – APSI – NZSIA

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