Level 4 – Full Cert Training

Level 4 – Full Cert Training

Level 4 Ski Instructor Training

The Level 4 Ski Instructor Training with Subzero Coaching will start from the very beginning of the next winter season!


From December until April, the Level 4 Ski Instructor Training runs to prepare towards the last exams of the pathway.


With a total of 6 weeks dedicated to Tech and Teach prep, each month has at least one week of training, running from monday to friday every afternoon. We use this schedule to allow you to make the most out of the working hours ski schools can provide, but also make sure training is carried on through out the season. Each session works on daily improvements as well as long term development, with solo practice tips at the end of each session, enabling you to continue your progression also away from from the coach.

While the Level 4 might seem an "impossible" task to achieve at times, with the correct schedule of work and the appropriate mentorship results can come without killing yourself. Nor taking away the fun of the sport! Each weeks follows a progression that works for the following week or training block, chaining each day, week and month of training together.

Technical Training

We follow the principles of professional coaching, tailoring the training not just towards the goal but on each participant and his/her individual need. Creating a team spirit is also important, so each of you can focus during training and be able to count on each other for the free practice.

Tech training goes in progressive steps during the season. We start with building good physical skills first, challenging you to become a better overall skier and performer. Progressing through the winter we make the training more specific to the exam's requirements, working on perfecting the final forms.

Teaching Training

We avoid giving prescribed teaching lessons. We don't belive that will make you a better teacher nor will guarantee you passing the exam hands now. So don't look for that on our course.

We rather explore together how skiing works, breaking down movements, patterns, physics and biomechanics. Big words that can be made simple, once the fundamentals are understood and explained in simple words. Again, bulding one layer after the other, in case of knowledge rather than physical skill, we will get it done together.


Every season we run training courses towards Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 exams. So at each given moment we always have a training team working on the hill, with one of our coaches. We believe shadowing, real, effective shadowing, is one of the best ways to learn how to teach and coach. After all, it's what all coaches in all sports do to achieve greatness.

So we provide you of shadowing opportunities during the winter. Effective, since we know just standing next to a coach doesn't produce miracles. This is the first step of coaching the coach (or at least the next generation of coaches). By linking the teaching training with the shadowing time we can make sure you get the most out of the season.

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Also available with the Level 4 Ski Instructor Training

Race Training Camp

Quite simply, one of the best ways to get your Speed Test done. Rather than overloading the system in repetitive pre-season weeks, we concentrate the efforts when you are at the peak of your technical skills.

The tech training we do together works perfectly towards this goal, along with the timing and the progression we follow in the camp itself.

Run by our World Cup and Olympic coach, Roby Bonavita, we create a progressive learning curve, that brings you to the level required by the end of the training block. For more details you can visit the dedicated section to our Race Training Camp here.

Mountain safety (EMS)

The toughest bit of loging tours: finding people, finding time.
We help you with both, creating a team that works together towards this. Our mountain guide is also available for active aid, taking you touring around places you wouldn't venture on your own for the first time. A Level 4 Ski Instructor Training is also this.

Dryland Training

Full back up for your physical state. No engine can win races if it breaks down. Neither will you. So rather than going solo, or with the "help" of amateurs you can count on ski coaches that are also professional strength & conditioning coaches, posture educators, nutrition consultants and sport masseurs. End of the bro-science.


Beside the shadowing opportunities you can also count on us for your development in coaching. We organise and qualify instructors through our Race Coach courses, Freestyle courses and Alpine Strength & Conditioning courses.

Part of our job is to support the education of current and new ski instructors trainers and examiners. Sky is the limit.

If you were looking for touring ideas... Click the subtitles button ;-)


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Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirements? The Level 3 tech and teach modules already achieved and the commitment to become a Level 4 Ski Instructor!

In the past we have successfully trained candidates towards:

  • BASI level 4;
  • IASI level 4;
  • CSIA Level 4;
  • APSI and NZSIA full cert.

We believe it is essential to work on your fitness and physical abilities before starting this course. Our Strength & Conditioning coaches are available for suggestions and help in creating a training summer programme.

At the beginning of the course you will be tested on a few skills, like balance and coordination, and you will be asked to follow the coach's suggestions in order to improve those skills, also off-snow.
If you already have a S&C coach don't worry, we won't put pressure on you. Just make sure you are well prepared!

Working as Ski Instructor

We work with a number of ski schools which reserve spaces in their teams  for new snowsports professionals signed up to our courses. In Zermatt as well as St. Moritz and other resorts in Switzerland our partners are amongst the best paying ski schools. Allowing instructors to make the most out of each season together.
Being able to collaborate with schools from different areas of Europe, Asia and North America allows us to expand the network of each of our instructors, empowering individuals to find the best careers in the ski industry.

Get in touch with us if you are keen to finish your qualifications and clock in hours, opportunities are just round the corner.


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Ski Schools

If your ski school is looking for: BASI Level 4, CSIA Level 4, IASI Level 4 or NZSIA/APSI fully certified instructors get in touch with us. We work and train with a number of Level 4 ski instructor training towards these qualifications.

A number of schools already have collaborations with us to find their new snowsport professionals! Keep up to date via our FB page.

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Level 4 Ski Instructor training