Level 3 – ISIA Training

Level 3 – ISIA Training

The Most Complete ISIA Ski Instructor Training Zermatt

Our ISIA Level 3 ski instructor course runs in Zermatt throughout the winter season, from December to April.

The reason behind the choice

We have created the ISIA Work & Train Programme because we saw there was a problem in the careers of ski instructors. Everyone was doing the same thing, everyone was delivering the same thing. In order to create what we deliver today we actually had to leave the established businesses for which we were running training for and set up our own.

Today we belive in what we do because we understood that, as ski instructors, we needed that extra edge, that little more to stand out. This is what we aim for, help instructors going beyond. A little beyond themselves. By doing so we happen to be innovating the offer of ski instructor training programmes.

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The Work Opportunties

Participants of our ISIA Level 3 team have exclusive access to ski jobs in some of the best private ski schools in Zermatt, Switzerland and Europe.
As our partners rely on us to find their new instructors; these positions are only available to our team members. We work with the highest paying ski schools in the country, guaranteeing the best deal to instructors. The main bulk of teaching is available at Christmas, New Year, Feb Half Term and Easter.
Previous generations of team members have easily reached 200 hours in a season.

Our ISIA Ski Instructor Training Zermatt

The aim of the programme is to educate the next generation of instructors. Not just people we would be proud to have in our partner schools, but high level professionals that will find open doors across the ski industry. We want to make the difference in your career.
To do that we have gathered a team of coaches with a broad experience in ski teaching, coaching and business management. A comprehensive course delivered by a pool of experts in each field.

Our aim is to make you progress in your skiing and ski career.  Going above and beyond the requirements for the ISIA modules.

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How we do it

Based on sports coaching methodology, we have organised a training program that follows the structure used by professional sport teams. Adapted, of course, to the needs of a season-long ski instructor course and with qualified personnel working together. Just like in the pro-league, we have a dedicated professional for each area of duty. So you can count on the expertise of the full Coaching Team rather than just a single individual.

The 11 weeks option:

  • Over 200 hrs of training
  • Small training team
  • ISIA Tech and Teach-specific training run by our Coaches and Examiners team
  • Periodic Video Analysis Sessions
  • Off-piste and mountain safety training with specialized coaches/guides
  • Second discipline training with qualified Trainers
  • Race training with World Cup/Olympic Coach (details here)
  • Freestyle introduction clinics
  • Professionally-run languages lessons
  • Lectures on Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Customer Care and Communication Techniques

The 6-weeks option:

  • Over 90 hours of training
  • ISIA Level 3 Tech & Teach specific coaching
  • Periodic Video Analysis sessions
  • Indoor seminars & workshops as per above
  • Priority access to the extra modules of the 11 weeks programme
  • Exam's discounted rates (where possible)

This 6 weeks option is geared to prepare you towards the Tech and Teach exams. Allowing you to get the most out of your time training and maximize your availability for the ski school! If during the season you want to jump onto other training modules towards second discipline, race training etc, you can!

You can also rely on the instructor teams from all the ski schools we work with in Zermatt and across resorts, who are keen to help or simply spend some time with you on the hill.
We are all there for you to get the best out of your next winter season.

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Ski Instructor's Exams

We try to run the training programme around the group needs as well as each individual's needs. With that in mind we help you organize your exams calendar accordingly with your availability and current level.

Our GS training runs in dedicated weeks building up to the Speed Test that runs in Zermatt every year. With great achievements by those who attended! This strategy enabled us to help instructor achieving their ISIA Level 3 in nearly half the time of the average course providers.

We have achieved a near 100% pass rate on all exams attended by trainees in any system.
Some of our instructors  succeeded in going from unqualified to passing the Level 3 tech + Teach in one single Winter. Others going from Level 2 to finishing the Level 3 and passing the Level 4 Tech + Speed Test in two winters. The majority of instructors are able to finish the full Level 3 (with all ISIA modules) in one single solar year.

Visit the Testimonials Page to find out more about the course, directly from participants!

Admittance to the ISIA Ski Instructor Training Zermatt

The course admittance require a minimum technical level equivalent to:

  • CSIA Level 2
  • IASI Level 2
  • NZSIA Level 2
  • APSI Level 2
  • BASI Level 2
  • Swiss Snowsports Level 1
  • Austrian Landes 1

We also take in consideration other national systems, if you do belong to one not listed here please get in touch with us!

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ISIA Ski Instructors Work Opportunities

Not just ski instructor training but also career opportunities!
Subzero Coaching works with a number of ski schools in Switzerland and across the Alps
. Schools count of us to find their new professionals each year and reserve a number of spaces for our candidates only.
Our aim is to match your skill set and preferences with the ones the ski schools are looking for!
Get in touch with us to find out more at info@subzerocoaching.com.

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