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Best ski instructor skis

From the collaboration between Subzero Coaching and Carpani we have created to create a new line of handcrafted skis.
Sole purpose of this line is to serve the needs of ski instructors, through out their training and education!

One line that will include three sets of skis, designed and developed to perform where a ski instructor needs to perform:

  • All Conditions (technical and teaching exams)
  • Giant Slalom (Eurotest/ISIA Test)
  • Slalom (Test Technique/top certifications)
  • Off-Piste and Touring

It is clear that we all have personal preferences, so a ski that is catalogued under GS for example can be used as all rounder too…

The price? Better than you would think. Going from the factory to you the price is actually comparable with the commercial brands… Drop us a line to receive the PDF!

One single line – Why?

One single ski line means we can create a product with the same construction and geometry. This improves the ease of change between different sets of skis exponentially! What does this mean?
Means you don’t need to re-adapt your way of skiing everytime you change skis. Going from the GS skis to the all mountain skis or the Slalom skis will be easier. The structure of the ski stays the same, so does the package plate/binding. So the adaptation can go towards your technical improvement, without getting lost in adapting to the equipment.

Handcrafted skis – Tailored set up

You shouldn’t waste training time adapting to the skis, the skis should be adapted to you!

Handcrafted skis mean prime quality in construction. A specialized and tailored set up means the ultimate fit on skis. Each set of skis from this line comes with a package of accessories. One of which is teh BioTech race plate, which can be adjusted at different angles to match your biomechanics. Enabling us to set the skis up for you and with you. Based on your anatomy we can regulate stiffnes and geometry of every pair, so you can express yourself at best. From the very first turn.

Tecnical Features

Double wood layer (ash + poplar)
Carbo-linum matrix
Race Ptex base P5000

BioTech Race Plate
Salomon X12 race bindings (X16 and 19 also available on request)
Spine bars front and rear (only on request)

The Subzero Line

RC – The Educators

A set of skis for polyvalent uses. Short turns, long turns, chopped snow, moguls.
The geometry and the structure of this ski is designed to create balance between performance and ease of use. So you can express yourself on beast mode, wherever you are, from first to last run.
Available in size:
171 cm – R15
174 cm – R16,5

GS – The Equalizers

A set of skis for the giant slalom races we need to pass to get fully qualified. A tweak in the structure of the skis and longer length allows the best performance between gates and at speed. User friendly radius, to make life a little easier on the more challenging tracks. Race Ptex base like you don’t find in commercial skis (including “FIS” skis you find in shops). Because when you try to beat time, every detail counts. Great tool for open field training as well as teaching, for those keen to work on technique also at slow speeds.
Available in size:
176 cm – R18
182 cm – R21

SL – The Punishers

The progressive and solid slalom ski we need to pass the Test Technique. A great tool to work of agility and reaction time. The geometry follows the rest of the series, so while the radius decreases the reaction time is progressive and linear with the change of length. The Race Ptex is of course part of the standard production feature.
Available in size:
167 cm – R13

167 sl Subzero line skis handcrafted skis

Off-Piste & Touring

We have expanded the offer to cover not just the piste, but also the touring and the powder days.

The XX

Features tip rocker and flat camber tail. Solid yet flexible full wood construction for a pleasant yet firm ride experience. Wide enough to float, narrow enough to make the most out of all terrains. The 162cm has a 82,5 mm under the foot, to allow more user friendly feeling to the lighter/shorter skiers. With a weight of just 1.25kg at 170cm and 1.10kg at 162cm, they can easily be used touring skis!
124 – 85 -112 mm
162 – 170 – 180 cm


The Go-D

Features tip rocker and light tail rocker and slighty rised tail endings. A carbon layer to keep things light and a sturdy mix of woods plus a layer of linum, for greatly smooth rides.
138 – 100 – 128 mm
155 – 165 – 175 – 185 cm


The Run Away Carbon

Featuring ultra light wood core combined with bi&tri axial fiber and carbon fiber. The result is a solid ski, weighting just 1.090 grams at 170 cm, 1.290 at 180 cm and 900 grams at 162 cm! Skins also available, along with touring bindings.
124 – 85 -112 mm
162 – 170 – 180 cm


handmade skis powder subzero line carpani



The Subzero Line is a project developed exclusively for Subzero Coaching so orders needs to be done through us. These skis will not be available to the general public through other dealers.
Each pair needs to be handcrafted following your order, so you will need to allow some time (at least 15 working days) for the skis to be ready. Get in touch with us at info@subzerocoaching.com

Ski Test in Zermatt

For those interesting in testing the skis before ordering we have a few pairs available in Zermatt, in different sizes. Please note that the testing needs to be booked in advance and will have a fixed fee of 50 chf/day. The fee will be deducted from the cost of the skis if they are purchased at the end of the trial.


IASI level 2 ski instructor course




Carpani Collection

You can see the Carpani website here (you will not find these skis on there!)

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The Subzero Coaching Team


Best ski instructor skis – Subzero Coaching & Carpani- Handcradfted Skis

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