Pre Season Ski Instructor Training Level 3 Zermatt

Pre Season Ski Instructor Training Level 3 Zermatt
Pre season ski instructor training level 3 is a must for ski instructors looking to get better money and better clients. Winter ski instructor training is not as easy nowadays, so pre season ski instructor training level 3 is pretty much the best option to get more qualified and get a better job with ski schools during the season. Our pre season ski instructor training level 3 helped ski instructors to achieve their Level 3 and Level 4 ski instructor qualification faster and at cheaper costs than all other ski instructor training courses.

Pre Season Ski Instructor Training Level 3 in Zermatt, Switzerland

Our Autumn Course is a 5 weeks programme towards the Level 3 Tech and Teach October to November.
Giving instructors the chance to get their next qualification before setting off for the Winter season.

Our Level 3 Ski Instructor Training

Run by Fede Sollini, IASI Examiner & Swiss Snowsports Trainer, the coaching will focus on Technique and Teaching skills.
With a 15+ years of experience in training instructors towards Level 3 and Level 4 in multiple systems, our aim to make the difference in your career progression.

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Training Structure


The October block is aimed at re-building your skiing going through the fundamentals. Movement pattern, basic skills and repetition are going to be our bread and butter.

November will see us getting more exam specific, also moving away from the higher glacier slopes and running training on the exam's terrain.


As this training runs parallel to our Autumn Gap Course, we will have the chance to add shadowing hours as well as real teach practice scenarios with students.

Seminars will be run weekly on video analysis, technique workshops and biomechanics. Altogether, it will help us getting a better grasp of the subject and rock the exam.

Training ends right before the start of the IASI and BASI Tech and Teach exams, in November.

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Work Opportunities

As professional development company we do not employ our trainees, to avoid any conflict of interest. We collaborate with many ski schools in Zermatt and across Europe, who are seeking to employ our trainees for the Winter season.
During the course, if interested and eligible, you will have the opportunity to meet ski school directors and secure job position for the rest of Winter.

Dates & Training Schedule

Start: 16th October 2023
End: 17h November 2023

Training runs Monday to Friday, full day.

The weekend is free: to switch off, recover or go for further practice.
If bad weather hits us we will use one of the weekend days to recover one full session.

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Price & Packages - pre season ski instructor training

5 Weeks Training: 2600 chf

5 Weeks Training + 7 Weeks Self-catered Accommodation: 4.850 chf

Accommodation spaces are limited (first come first served policy) and they include the 2 weeks of the Tech and Teach exams running straight after the training course.

*All Subzero courses devolve part of the fee to our ChemoTherapy Support Project.

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Pre Season Ski Instructor Training Level 3 Zermatt - Autumn Ski Instructor Training

If you are interested in early season ski instructor training towards the Level 1, 2 or 4 please get in touch with us. We run both group and private coaching towards these exams! If you are seeking information regarding a qualification equivalence with EU recognized education systems let us know, we are happy to help.