Ski Gap Autumn – Become a Ski Instructor

Ski Gap – Become a Ski Instructor

Our team of future instructors have just gone through an intense few weeks of training on the Matterhorn Glacier.
By the time this little interview was completed they also succeeded in passing their IASI Level 1 ski instructor exam! So big congratulations to all!
The exam team could also count on the presence of Mark, who joined us in Zermatt for the occasion. Keeping all our fingers crossed, we had amazing weather though out the course and the exam itself, tan is coming up nicely already!
Sunny days also massively helped the preparation for the teaching scenarios, of which we had a taste during the last day of the Level 1 exam. We were lucky enough to be able to teach the lovely Jodi, who haven’t been skiing for a couple of years and was keen to go back on the planks!
The word back to our new ski instructors now..

Become a ski instructor IASI Level 1 Ski instructor exam


So, how are you finding the ski instructor course?

KIERAN: So far the course has been really interesting; it started off completely stripping back my technique and going back to basics. It was really interesting to re-learn step by step the components of skiing technique, it gave me a much better understanding of the way I ski and how my future students should be learning to ski.

ELLIE: So far I am really enjoying the course, even though it is tough. It is also extremely rewarding when you do progress and achieve things you couldn’t achieve at the beginning. I have definitely had my good and my bad days, but the patience and support of the whole group have helped me so much.

CHARLIE: The first 3 weeks have been really good, going back to basics and correcting our basic skiing such as the plough which I though I was great at but turned out I had some mistakes. Going back to basics and correcting the mistakes has benefitted me greatly. Now I have more understanding of the skiing movements and how they help you to perform at a more advanced level.

Any downsides or bad days?

KIERAN: Unfortunately I got altitude sickness, after all we are training at nearly 4000m, and had to spend two days in the apartment acclimatising (which is fortunately very nice). Luckily with my little sisters Netflix account and two seasons of ‘The Walking Dead’ later and I was ready to go again.

ELLIE: Some things you can master straight away and some things can take days/weeks. I found myself getting a little frustrated even though this is all part of the process. But when you see yourself progress you can really appreciate how well structured the sessions are and how knowledgeable and experienced the coaches are.

CHARLIE: One of the days the winds picked up on the way back home and felt like we were being shot by a thousand BB bullets. Ouch !

zermatt autumn ski gap ski instructor

What have you learnt that has surprised you, or made a real difference to your skiing?

KIERAN: The lectures on equipment was very insightful. Now I actually know what to look for when buying my equipment in future.

ELLIE: The most enjoyable part for me was learning how to ski on one ski (as messy as it was). That was a big achievement for me.

CHARLIE: One thing that I have learnt that has really changed my skiing is how tall I stand. Before I came on the course I felt that I was quite low but from the video recording that we do I have seen that I stand very tall. It really helped me as I can see how I ski and have now corrected this. Skiing with a much more stable body position has improved my skiing greatly.

Off the snow, how is life going in the Alps? Any highlights?

KIERAN: Highlight so far was spending my 24th birthday here and taking the opportunity to go paragliding! Something I’ve always wanted to do!

ELLIE: Apart from the time we spend on the mountains; I have really enjoyed Friday night dinners, drinks and ski movies nights all organised by Caroline (our course coordinator). One thing I highly recommend doing is going paragliding! One of the best experiences I have ever had in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Don’t want to leave !

CHARLIE: This is my first time away from home, so that in itself is something new. The chalet is great and I’ve got freedom to start doing things myself… But I’ve also got Caroline who keeps an eye out for us all, and makes me try mushrooms.

zermatt matterhorn glacier

Once again, congratulations guys for passing your IASI Level 1 Exam!

Our next step is to head back to the slopes to prepare for the IASI Level 2 ski instructor exam. Three weeks to go!
On top of that we also have meetings with ski school owners, interested in employing new instructors in resorts across the Alps. CVs are getting ready!

The Subzero Coaching Team


Kieran, Ellie and Charlie passed their level 2 in November! And all of them also secured a full time job in the destination of their choice! Kieran and Elle will head to Japan, as they were looking for adventure and travel away from Europe.
Charlie will head back to England, where he got offered a full time job in a local dryslope, along with a few weeks of work in the Alps during the high season.  The ideal solution for him, as he was looking for a job near home but still with the possibility of coming out to Switzerland!


What are we talking about?

Our Autumn Ski Gap Course, running in Zermatt from October ownwards and dedicated to skiers keen on becoming ski instructors! For more info please visit the dedicated page.
The panoramic photos of this article were taken by our Ellie! Find us on instagram for more!
If you have any questions or want to book your new snowy adventure get in touch with us!

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Become a Ski Instructor  – Autumn Ski Gap Zermatt, Switzerland – IASI Level 1