Race Training

Race Training

Euro Test ISIA Test Training Zermatt

Every year Subzero Coaching offers Euro Test ISIA Test Training, dedicated to ski instructors interested in passing these races.
We structure our training programme towards these tests in multiple options spread across the year with: spring, summer, autumn and winter camps. 

The first available race camp will run in Zermatt/Cervinia Winter 2021/22.

We will be running ski instructor technical and teaching coaching on the Zermatt Glacier from the 8th June through out the summer.

Coaching is available one to one, preparing towards your next exam or training the fundamentals of race training.
Weekly drop-in classes are also available, for those interested in group training.
Drop us a note at info@subzerocoaching.com to find out availability and packages!

For instructors interested in further training the IASI Alpine Race Coach Level 1: Dedicated page here.

Skiers can join any camp through out the year, according the availability and personal needs.
The idea behind a year round offer is to follow the same training principles used by professional athletes, adapted to ski instructors.
Rather than overloading the front of the winter with long training blocks in the Autumn, we aim at building the skier (and your performance) from the spring.

A year round training schedule example:

  • Camp 1: April in Cervinia (bulding the GS foundations in the best conditions possible)
  • Camp 2: May in Landgraaf (using the best facility in Europe to work on foot work in SL distance and set up your personal fitness program)
  • Camp 3-4: Summer camps indoor or on the glacier (building your technical skiing and following up on your physical prep)
  • Camp 5: Autumn/November in Cervinia (preparing towards the speed tests on full courses).

We also offer tailored training days during the winter, where we can work together on technique in and outside gates. By default we run these in Zermatt where we are based, but we are available to run them in other resorts in Europe upon request.
The winter period and a consistent training schedule, also working on the correct equipment set up, is essential to gain great results on the day of the race.

We focus on your accurate progression. A solid acquisition of skills through out the camps allows us to develop you fully towards the highest levels of performance you can achieve.

Winter Race Training
Zermatt – Cervinia

Dates for season 2021/22 coming our soon.

Training will also be possible on the days straight before the Zermatt ISIA Test, on request. The organizing body of the ISIA speed test also allows free practice on the course the day before the race. For any help in booking onto the race get in touch with us.

ISIA Speed Test training glacier


The two weeks of gates training will have a gradual progression on technical skills and speed. We start by covering the fundamental movements, tactics and skills needed in gates. Getting everyone’s technique and “gate’s eye” up to scratch for the challenge ahead.
With different slopes and gates layout we will be able to cover a wide range of needs, giving everyone the chance to push their abilities to a new level.
The training slopes will be on the Cervinia ski area, easily accessible also from the Zermatt side.


Head Coach for the two weeks will be our favorite race coach: Roby Bonavita. A life spent coaching athletes of every level, from national to world cup circuit. Roby is also an expert in ski instructor training, preparing a number of candidates each year for Eurotests across the Alps.
Co-coach for the event is our Federico Sollini, available for guided practice outside gates and extra video analysis if required.


The training weeks are set with one single day apart.
This is to allow recovery and also maximize the time at disposal (keeping accommodation and lift pass costs under control!).
The second training week ends on the 19th April to allow one or two days of rest before the free/unsupervised practice held by the ISIA Speed Test organizers in Zermatt, prior to the test dates.

Training Week 1: TBC March/April 2022
Training Week 2: TBC
Speed Test Zermatt: TBC

euro test training isia test training race training zermatt


We have a few rooms available in our partner Hotel in Cervinia, at preferencial rates: 60 euros per person per night, in shared bedrooms with single beds, including breakfast and wifi.
Spaces are very limited, first come first served!

Training Fee

Training fee per person per week is 380 chf.
Bookings before the end of January 2020: 250 chf/week
Bookings before the end of February 2020: 300 chf/week

Please make sure you send your request to: info@subzerocoaching.com.
The group is small!

Off-Season Race Training

If you are looking to get serious about your race training then this is the place.
We run race training camps year round, in different locations, for skiers ready to take their performance to an all different level.

Spring Camp – May – Landgraaf (NL)snow world landgraaf race training

Start before everyone else, to make the difference.

On these camps we create the foundations of performance, working on skills in free skiing as well as on the race lane, using brushes and stubbies.
To make the most out of these days we decided to avoid the glacier and rather work indoor, at Snow World Landgraaf.
There we are able to put some serious quality mileage (we count turns, just like we use to do when coaching WC and Olympic athletes).

The facility in Landgraaf enables us to complete the camp with a full body check up and fitness training schedule. This means giving you the chance to keep on working on your body during the summer, specifically towards your racing needs.

Training Fee:
5 days camp – 400 euros
single day – 90 euros

Camp dates:
26th – 30th May, Snow World Landgraaf

Summer Camps

We know where the extra edge can be found. A refresh in the middle of the summer, short but focused, helps massively in the retaining of the skills needed for higher performance.
We have camps available both in the Alps (Stelvio and Zermatt) and in ski domes (Landgraaf). Where we can keep on working on technical skills and physical preparation.

Camps Dates: June/September – Landgraaf, Stelvio, Zermatt

Due to COvid-19 camps for the summer are suspended.
The first available camp will run at Snow World Landgraaf (NL) on the 17th & 18th September.
For instructors interested in further training the IASI Alpine Race Coach Level 1 runs from the 14th until 16th September.

Autumn Camps

Where the skier completes the mutation to racer. On this longer camp we start harvesting the work done in the previous months, bringing together technical skills, tactical knowledge and the eye for speed.

These camps run in November in Cervinia (IT) we we can count on accurate snow making and different slopes available.
Our resident Olympic Coach, Roby Bonavita, takes charge of the operations, guiding the racers through the process. Also on the field is our Fede Sollini, available as second coach for open field training as well as strength & conditioning follow ups.

Camps Dates: November 2020,  Cervinia

Winter Camps

Availability is guaranteed during the winter to all participants that want to prepare for either Speed Tests further in the season or racers with a calendar rolling in the Alps. These camps run in Zermatt (CH) and Cervinia. Where we can guarantee stable snow conditions December to April. Through out the winter our strength & conditioning coaches will able to follow each individual according to each specific need.

Camps Dates: December – April 2020/21, Zermatt


Members discounts

The April Camp in Cervinia is part of our Level 3 ISIA Winter Training and is included in the package. Discounts also apply to all instructors signed up to our Level 4 Winter Training.
If you trained with us in the past and you are interested in participating to either of these training weeks please get in touch, discounts apply to you as well!
Package offers are also available to those interested in signing up to multiple camps across the year.

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Keep up to date with FIS GS races, coaching tips, videos and news on our Facebook Event Page! Like the page and get an invitation to the dedicated group!

Euro Test/ISIA Test – Racing Skis

Looking for a new set of skis for the Euro test ISIA Test Training?
We have our own ski line, designed for instructors HERE!  Handmade in Italy, every pair can be customized around your biomechanics and technical needs. Directly on snow. At ski instructor prices!


Level 4 Ski Instructor Training

If you are training towards the end of your qualification pathway and you are looking for some coaching, let us know. We run our Level 4 Training every winter, during the low season weeks! This way we can train minimizing the conflict with teaching hours, but still have dedicated training blocks. It covers Tech and Teach specific training on-snow, as well as the chance to shadow coaches during the running of other training programmes.
Our coaching team can also offer help in physical prep and injury prevention, as we work with strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists and posture educators.

Coaching Qualifications IASI Alpine Coach DTC

If you are interested in becoming a coach we also run courses dedicated towards it! Through IASI we are able to run Race Coach Level 1 courses along with Freestyle Coach Level 1 & 2 courses. Find out more HERE.

The IASI Alpine Race Coach Level 1 run in April in Cervinia.
Attending this course we recommend the use of slalom skis, as the content mainly focus on slalom distances.
This module complements the eurotest/speed test training as it allows participants to gain a deeper understanding of the race course and how this is built.

The IASI Freestyle Coach modules are open to both skiers & snowboarders.
These courses take place at Snow World in Landgraaf, the biggest ski dome of Europe. Andy Bennett, IASI Freestyle Educator and current Technical Coach for GB Freestyle team will be the man in charge!

For more info about this course get in touch with us at info@subzerocoaching.com.


The Subzero Coaching Team


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Euro Test ISIA Test Training Zermatt/Cervinia – Subzero Coaching

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