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Transition Year Programme Switzerland – Transition Year Work Experience Award winning ski instructor training company

If you are looking for a different way to spend your transition year we have got you covered! Rather than staying at home or going to the usual places, doing the usual things, do something incredible!

Subzero Coaching is a sport coaching company specialised in ski instructor training. And that’s what you could work towards for a part of a Transition Year.

Why a Transition Year Skiing?

  1. With plenty of time at disposal, you can actually do plenty of things during a TY. If you love skiing there is nothing better than spending time on the mountain, skiing and learning new things.
  2. You don’t have to do it for the full TY. With different courses length you can pick the one that sounds more appealing to you and go for it.
  3. You get to train towards becoming a ski instructor. So with enough time at disposal you can actually gain your first qualification level (or even the second level, which enables you to teach in the mountains!).
  4. Get out. Get out from home, from the country and go explore.
  5. Do something new.

The purpose of the Transition Year is to “…promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development…”. In other words, to give you a chance to explore, discover and decide what you want to do in the next stages of your life. Even if that’s not ski instructing, you will take away so many transferable skills, increase your employability and have an experience to remember!

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Why us

We are a small professional company with years of experience in sport coaching and ski instructing. We are not a ski school, as company we only work with athletes or snowsports professionals. We specialise in coaching and that’s all we do.

The package we provide for the TY is just cool. Zermatt town, where we are based in the Autumn and Winter, is a good size but it’s not too busy in the autumn.  The glacier is always open, so we can ski year round. Accommodation is in the middle of town, so going skiing or going out is actually pleasant. Switzerland is very safe, so going out in the evening or travelling to another destination is always easy and relaxing.

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Short Term Transition Year Programme

For the 2018 year we have a short term programme starting on the 24th October until the 4th November. For this trip we have a group leaving Dublin and you can jump on with them, as we have a coordinator in Ireland who can help organizing the transfer.
On this course we will work towards the IASI Level 1 Instructor Certification, which includes:
– on-snow technical training
– on-snow teaching training
– lectures on the ski instructor job (customer care, body language use, etc)
– evening activities
– fitness training
This course does not have the IASI exam at the end, as two weeks are not enough to pass the ski instructor exam. Though, it’s a great chance to find out if you like the idea of it and to start training towards it, living a great experience in the mean time!
Please note that in order to make the most out of this adventure you should have at least 8 weeks of ski experience!
To find out more about this course get in touch with us:


Long Term Transition Year Programme Switzerland

If you are looking to stay out for a longer period of time you can jump onto either our Autumn or Winter ski instructor programme.
The Autumn programme runs for 8 weeks, starting from the beginning of October.
The Winter programme runs for 9 Weeks, starting from the beginning of December. Both courses are all included: accommodation, breakfast and dinner 5 days a week, ski pass, training, exams fee, fitness training, second language classes and lectures. So all you need to do is wake up and come skiing with us!

Have a look at the links above and get in touch with us if you have any questions!

IASI Qualifications Ski Instructor course ISIA

IASI, the Irish Association of Ski Instructors, qualifies snowsport professionals all over Europe, with courses running in a number of resorts across the Alps (and Ireland of course!).
Our Head Coach at Subzero Coaching is actually one of the IASI Educators and Examiners, and takes active part in the preparation of all of our candidates towards the exams.
IASI qualifications are recognized world wide, as the association is also part of ISIA and works with a number of other education systems towards the development of the ski instructor profession.

If you are looking to gain a Level 1 qualification in a specialistic field have a look at our IASI Alpine Race Coach Level 1 and Feestyle Coach Level 1&2 (Ski or snowboard!).

Transition Year Work Experience

If you are looking to get some work experience during your TY get in touch with us, with a CV and a presentation letter. Every year we reserve some spaces to those candidates that have the interest in getting to know the ski industry and shadow our coaches during the delivery of our courses.

Course Coordinator

Caroline is our course coordinator and comes from a background in education and teaching. As well as coaching on the hill, she is available at all times in-resort in Zermatt to support you in this new experience.

The Subzero Coaching Team


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