Ski Instructor Qualification Equivalents

Ski Instructor Qualification Equivalents

Ski Instructor Qualification Equivalents

The beauty of working as a ski instructor is the opportunity to travel the world. Where there is snow there is ski instructing.
In recent years ski instructors have been moving from one continent to another more than ever. Consequently, there has been an increase in interaction between a huge variety of cultures and education systems. One of our most frequently asked questions is: how does my ski instructor qualification equate to others? Furthermore, what do I need to do to convert my qualification into another system?

Ski Instructor Qualification Equivalents – Overview

Getting directly in touch with the new association is by far the most straightforward way of finding out if the qualification is accepted. Here we’ll share our current knowledge on the subject. However, beware changes are always possible!

If you are moving from one country to another, check with your new school if you need to change association! Many ski schools are actually familiar with a wide variety of education systems. They don’t always require you to swap. Same goes for training. Many ski coaches can train you towards different systems, not just one.

Theoretically, if you already have the ISIA Stamp or ISIA Card you are entitled to have your qualification automatically recognized by the new association. However, many still ask for either a day conversion with an examiner or for a technical exam (3 to 6 days long) in order to validate the conversion.

From Worldwide to Europe

If you are PSIA, CSIA, APSI or NZSIA qualified you can convert into either:

  1. a European English speaking system
  2.  a European non-English speaking system

If you don’t speak a foreign language your options are with CSIA Europe, BASI or IASI.

CSIA Europe – Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance csia europe ski instructor qualification equivalents

CSIA Europe runs courses in Andorra (Spain) so you have the option to keep your education going without any changes. However, CSIA Europe will only take you to the CSIA Level 3.  To complete the Level 4 you’ll have to travel back to Canada.


BASI – British Association of Ski Instructors Ski Instructor qualification equivalents - CSIA Europe -BASI - ski instructor qualifications switzerland - ski instructor qualification austria

BASI generally accepts ski instructor qualification equivalents from North America beside the technical and teaching modules.
For example, if you hold a CSIA Level 2, you will have to retake the full BASI Level 2 (two-week course and exam).
However, if you hold a CSIA Level 3, many modules will be directly converted. But yet again the Tech and the Teach modules which will need to be re-taken.
As always, it’s better to get in touch with BASI directly, to ask for information.


IASI – Irish Association of Ski Instructors Ski Instructor qualification equivalents - CSIA Europe -BASI - ski instructor qualifications switzerland - ski instructor qualification austria

IASI accepts all the associations above with a direct conversion for Level 1 and 2. For these two levels, you will need to do a 1-day refresher with an IASI Examiner and provide evidence of your previous certifications.

Towards the Level 3 and 4, you will be asked to undertake a conversion exam, covering tech and teach aspects (the same required to IASI members going through the standard pathway). Luckily the new system allows you to jump straight into the 3-day assessment and get it done with minimal cost. Getting in touch with the association is essential to have official information on your conversion process. In the last few years, IASI has been one of the most popular European association amongst instructors from APSI, CSIA, PSIA and NZSIA.


Ski Instructor Qualifications Switzerland

Swiss Snowsport is the national Swiss ski instructor qualification provider. It is one of the biggest in Europe in the number of active instructors. In order to have your paper converted you need to get in touch with the association directly. There is a 250chf fee for the paperwork to be processed. Level 3 ISIA can hope to have their qualification recognized as “Instructor” level.
ski instructor qualifications switzerland

Holding a Second language is compulsory, in either Italian, French or German. To be fully qualified in Switzerland you need the ISIA Speed Test as well as the Euro Securité test. You do not need the Euro Test. If you already hold a Level 3 ISIA or a Level 4 you can access directly the conversion exam. This exam lasts 3 days and covers both technical (including ski offs) and teaching assessments. We also run conversion training for these exams, so get in touch with us if you need to prepare for this assessment.

Ski Instructor Qualifications Franceski-instructor-qualification-equivalents/

In order to be able to work in France, you need to hold the full license of your home country. In addition to the Euro Test and the Euro Securité modules. France requires the MoU stamp as well. To get in touch with the French association you can follow the ESF link. Associations like IASI and BASI have their level 4 recognized in France. Their members have been working in the country for years without limits.
Competent knowledge of the French language is compulsory in order to attend ESF courses.


Ski Instructor Qualifications Italy

In Italy, ski instructor qualification equivalents are, in a true Italian style, different for every region. AMSI is the national association, which also belongs to the MoU, but each region can decide how instructors can work in their territories. In general, in order to participate in the Italian education you need to pass a GS race and a series of open field runs. To have the full conversion you need to have the full certification in your own home country, plus the Euro Test and the Euro securité.
Competent knowledge of the Italian language is compulsory to attend any AMSI course.


Ski Instructor Qualification Austria

Along with France and Italy, Austria is one of the biggest ski instructor associations in Europe. Due to the nation being split regionally, get in touch with the local authorities to get your qualification recognized.
Useful E-Mail addresses:
Austria does recognise Level 2 qualifications. 


Useful LinksAward winning ski instructor training company

Following this link, you read more about the Final Report from October of 2015 on the “Mapping of professional qualifications and relevant training for the profession of ski instructor in the EU -28, EEA and Switzerland”.

Get in touch with us for any help with training towards any European ski instructor qualification equivalents.

For more information on how to become a ski instructor in Europe and get certifications valid across the world get in touch with us or visit our dedicated pages. We have Autumn and Winter courses to suite everyone’s needs. All the way to the ISIA Level 3 and Level 4 training programmes!

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