Zermatt Summer Skiing

Zermatt Summer Skiing
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Zermatt Summer Skiing – Making the most out of the “Hot” Season

The Matterhorn Summer Skiing Area

Skiing in Zermatt is possible year round. Lifts are always open to guarantee access to the higher slopes of the Klein Matterhorn Glacier.
As snow starts melting during the spring the total ski area of the Zermatt/Cervinia domain shrinks, making skiing possible at the higher altitudes.

In its full swing, from June to the middle of September, the Zermatt summer skiing area is the highest and vastest of Europe.

Klein Matterhorn Glacier, zermatt summer skiing

Ranging from 3000 meters to nearly 3900, the area is the highest reachable via cableway.

The glacier and its pistes needs reshaping every spring, as the variation in temperature and snow precipitation, changes every year.

The standard set up for the summer consists of two main runs open for all skiers. One wide section reserved to racers (lanes 2 to 14 in the picture) and one extra slope (lanes 1 and 2) build specially for speed disciplines training.
Zermatt is one of the very few glaciers with enough gradient and vertical drop to build a Super G and Downhill course.

The glacier also has a snow park featuring kickers, half pipe (if the snow levels allow), rails and boxes. Just above it, skiers can train on a full length Olympic mogul field, with 3 sets of moguls and 2 regular kickers (lanes 11 and 12 in the map).

Just outside of the picture, on the right, there are more slopes, open if the snow levels allows. These bring skiers from Testa Grigia (boarder with Italy) back to Trockner Steig, at the end of the huge glacier valley.

The ski area covers a total of 25 linear km, with up to 9 ski lifts.

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The Autumn Ski Area

If you have the privilege of spending the end of Summer into the Autumn season in Zermatt you can assist at the “migration” of the ski area towards the lower slopes.

As soon as the snow conditions allow, the ski area expands towards the lower part of the glacier. The Furggsattle Chairlift, with its 6-covered seats, brings skiers from 3000 to over 3.300 meters, accessing two wide, long red runs on the glacier bed. IASI Freestyle Coach

October and November are also the stage of the final training camps for many national teams, right before starting the World Cup tour.

Along with the suited up racers you share lift rides with the cool kids of the moguls and freestyle national teams, coming to Zermatt to fine tune their skills before the competition season.

Once again, as the Matterhorn ski area is the only one able to cater the right gradient and length for training slopes at that time of the year, you get to see and meet athletes from Japan, Canada, NZ as well as of course European Nations all the way to Kazakhstan!
If you are interested in becoming a freestyle or race coach check out our courses here.

The new lifts – Highest in Europe

Take a look at the extraordinary work done to link Zermatt to the glacier, all the way back down to Cervinia town (2000 mt) in Italy. And back!

From November 2021 skiers as well as walkers are be able to access the glacier, all the way to the top of Klein Matterhorn!

This opens up to many different opportunities for visitors coming to either resorts of Zermatt or Cervinia.  Mainge possible visiting another country just by using a ski lift. Walkers and skiers will be able to meet for lunch on the opposite side, without having to worry about each others.

The 2020 vision has come to full realization in July 2023, with the opening of the last 3S cableway from Klein Matterhorn in CH, to Testa Grigia in Italy. Beside the tourist attraction, these new lifts will also allow ski coaches and instructors to make the most out of the summer glacier available. Making each ski day more productive and worthwhile!

Check out the official video from Leitner, the maker of the new 3S cable way, to have a better idea of the itinerary covered!


The World Cup in Zermatt

Linked to this new lift project was also the proposal for Zermatt and Cervinia to become the stage of the World Cup Speed Events. The idea is to start the race from the Gobba di Rollin, at the highest point of the summer ski area, to then clear the glacier and drop into Italy via the Ventina run.

As the news became public in 2020, we have interviewed Mr. Federico Maquignaz, director of Cervino Spa, the lift company of Cervinia. Maquignaz is the man behind the proposed idea, so we went directly to him to find out more about the project. You can find the interview and more details in the dedicated article we have written here!

In 2022 the idea became reality, with the new Downhill World Cup race Zermatt-Cervinia, as the first stage of the world cup speed circuit.

Alpine x zermatt matterhorn ski area, Matterhorn Alpine Crossing

Zermatt Glacier Ski Instructor Training

Our coaching team is based in Zermatt year round and available to coach instructors and recreational skiers. We organize private coaching, for small groups or one to one sessions, every day of the week.
If you are a recreational skier get in touch with us directly at info@subzerocoaching.com.

Summer Ski Instructor Training

The one-to-one coaching is the ideal set up to build the skier during the summer months. Plenty of time, the right gradient and lengthy slopes allows us to work on fundamentals. From bio-mechanics to movement patterns. With the aid of video analysis we can increase the awareness of your movements and their effect on the snow. For those keen to have an all round preparation, which can include the creation of a fitness schedule, we have our strength & conditioning coaches available. Along with posture alignment on and off the snow and technical advice on equipment.

To find out more about these classes, the participation modes and the schedule get in touch with us! info@subzerocoaching.com


Autumn Ski Instructor Training

From the start of October we traditionally run our Autumn Gap Course, dedicated to skiers keen to become instructors. The course runs for 8 weeks in total, with training towards the Level 1 and Level 2 instructor awards. These awards allow you to qualify and start teaching right on time for the start of the winter season! best ski instructor course

In November we run the Level 2 Course, for instructors who already hold the Level 1 and are keen to top it up with the next qualification up. And start working in the Alps!

From mid October we also run the Level 3 Tech & Teach course, dedicated to instructors looking to prepare for the Level 3 exams usually run in Zermatt in November.

Parallel to these group courses, our Team is available for private coaching on the glacier.
Ski instructor training towards any level is delivered by our Examiners, on both technique and teaching aspects.
Shadowing opportunities are also available for those looking to increase their knowledge in teaching and coaching.

Useful links for your Zermatt Summer Skiing

To find out the lifts opening times and ski pass prices you can visit the official Zermatt.ch website.

If you are accessing the glacier from the Italian side make sure you visit the Cervino Spa website, as they have a different time table and ski prices!

To find out more about our ski instructor courses visit the dedicated section here.

If you are a recreational skier looking to learn or improve your skiing get in touch at info@subzerocoaching.com, we are available for lessons to the general public as well!

The Subzero Coaching Team

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Zermatt Summer Skiing – Zermatt Ski Instructor Training