Franco Corvisiero aka Corvo

Ski Service Expert

Franco Corvisiero aka Corvo
Franco Corvisiero aka Corvo
  • Name: Franco Corvisiero
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Favourite Slopes:
    • Jackson Hole, Corbet Couloir, Cody bowl
    • In Zermatt Schwarzee 62 & the Weisse Perle
  • Favourite Quotes:
  • Languages:
    • Italian
    • French
    • German

Ski Qualifications

  • AMSI Maestro di Sci
  • AMSI Race Coach
  • Swiss Snowsport Brevet Federal
  • Former Swiss Snowsport Examiner
  • Former AMSI National Examiner


As Athlete

Franco starts competing young as skiing is his prime sport. He races in the Europa Cup in GS and SL, with the last year in the World Cup as well, competing in the combined (SL and Downhill). Following a bad back injury he is forced to retirement and 5 years rehab to be able to walk and stand properly again.
In 1989, taking a bet, starts snowboarding during an AMSI refresher course, where they were presenting the new discipline in Italy. Franco dedicates his first winter to the board and by the end of the season he becomes an AMSI Snowboard Examiner.
The same year he also starts competing in what at the time was the World Tour, collecting a win in Aspen, Colorado, in 1994.

As Coach

Through the years Franco has trained a number of athletes, across both Alpine skiing and snowboarding. A summary of his work at the highest levels he coached:

Team of the Alpi Centrali in Italy & Italian National Team C Snowboarding. The wins include:

  • 1 World Championship in 1999
  • 1 Olympic Medal in 1998 in Nagano
  •  2 Overall SB WC in 1999 and 2000 (Private Coach for Margherita Parinin)

As Ski Developer

Franco’s passion for ski equipment started as early as he could ski, watching his father, also a ski instructor, servicing skis in his lab. That same passion followed him through his career, where Corvo had the chance to develop collaborationg with the ski service men of the world cup circuit. Speaking in a “honest and frank” language with each others, “where no one claims to have envented the wheel but rather participates to a transparent debate, learning from each others” Franco grew his knowledge through the years.
Following an old tradition, he would be the ski service man for his athletes on both Alpine skiing and Snowboarding, all the way to the highest levels and achivements.
Heavily involved in one of the most important magazine ski testing event (Sciare Mag from Italy), in 2002 starts his collaboration with Salomon. A bond that lastest nearly two decades and saw the light of the concept of “all mountain” skis, with famous models such as the Scream, Pocket Rocket and the Xwing series. Along with collaborations with Tropical Tube (born as competition windsurf board customizer), the creation of ne of the first Ski Alp manual and the kick off of the Xwing Tour (which later launched the Freeride World Tour concept).


Franco Corvisiero met the Carpani products for the first time at a ski alp test, where he appreciated the high level quality products they presented.
In Carpani he also found the collaboration spirit we also found for our Subzero Ski Line collection and Franco started his own ski line 5 years ago. You can find Franco’s Collection here.
Franco also collaborates with Briko, Toko and lately, Vola.
He still helps out athletes and colleagues at every level, from Elia Zurbriggen (Swiss National Team) last year for a month in 2019, to the winner of the Female World Cup Master Champion Julia, as well as other Master racers.
In Zermatt he collaborated with Dorsaz Sport to help selecting the new machines, helping him tuning the machine according to the needs of the shop, from racing to standard shop needs.

In Subzero Coaching Franco delivers ski servicing classes, run in his own private lab for all the ski instructor courses we run.


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Franco Corvisiero aka Corvo – Ski Service Expert Zermatt