Military Ski Instructor Courses

How’s life after retirement?
We are looking for you and you are probably looking for us (if you like skiing and things being done properly).

Why us?

Because our courses are made to get things done.
Our Autumn Ski Instructor Course runs for 8 weeks starting on the 1st of October.
1. So you can qualify before the start of the winter and get on with work during the main season.
2. It’s only 8 weeks long, so the course is over fairly quickly. You won’t waste time pretending to be a tourist for months.
3. We want to help you make a career out of this. We’ll show you around the ski industry. Explain to you how it works. Most importantly, where loopholes are, how to manoeuvre through and start your network.

The Autumn Course

Because it’s short, it’s also intense. We pack 5 full days of training every week. Weekends are for your personal free time. This also allows us some flexibility. Training on the glacier, the weather can occasionally be unpredictable. With this schedule, we can use the weekend as a plan B, in case we need to recover lost ski days.
In addition, if we complete 5 days of training on schedule, you can have the option to gain extra mileage on the glacier in your free time. The glacier is there for your enjoyment!

Even more, you have the option to travel around Switzerland during the weekends. You can definitely count on swiss trains. They’ll take you everywhere with ease. Zermatt is home to a very regular and prompt train service.

Accommodation, breakfast and dinner 5 days a week and ski pass is all included. You just need to book a flight to Geneva or Zurich and get the train to Zermatt (it takes you straight into the middle of town).

The Winter Course 

If you have more time at disposal we have the Winter course option.
From the start of December, for 9 weeks, with a few days across Christmas and New Year to rest up, enjoy family time or shadow ski instructors during their work.
Again this includes 5 days of training every week. Along with accommodation, lift pass and weekly meals covered just like the autumn course. The difference is you have more time at your disposal. Even better, we finish on the last week of January. This means you have time to apply for work in the busiest weeks of the season: February Half Term.


Included in both Military Ski Instructor Courses

Housing: Accommodation in town

Complete Training package: On snow and off snow training.  Lectures, second language classes and seminars on different topics to take your knowledge above the rest.

Exams: IASI Level 1 and Level 2 ski instructor exams are included. Also included the Outdoor First Aid course and certification (required for employment with most ski schools).

Work Opportunities: Enter our network within the ski industry. Get a job straight away after the course.

Further Training: We run training all the way to the top qualifications. In a number of education systems and towards all international needs. If you want it, we can support you all the way through.
To read more about this and other courses, have a look at the page dedicated to all the ski instructor courses we run.

For information about how Ski Instructor qualifications work, look here.

Who we are

We are not just ski instructors, we are ski coaches.

We don’t run a ski school, we run a training centre. It’s not our first rodeo either, with 10 years experience in sports coaching.

You are not the first ex-military we work with. Actually, one of our coaches and course coordinators is the only civvy in two family generations. We are all civvies, but we know where you’re coming from.
And we are ready to get things done.

We don’t delegate office work, so get in touch with us: you will be able to talk directly to the Head Coach and your Course Coordinator.


The Subzero Coaching Team


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