Level 3 Training – Autumn

Level 3 Training – Autumn
Autumn ski instructor training is often just a steal for money. Companies and “coaches” offer autumn ski instructor training just to fill up their time. If that’s what you looking for in your trainer, that’s just fine. If you are actually looking for a worth while autumn ski instructor training let us know.

Autumn Ski Instructor Training -Level 3

Our Autumn ski instructor training will run for 5 weeks, with a brand new schedule.

Please visit the dedicated page here.


Places on single week training are not available at the moment.


Our team of Coaches will manage the week and will ensure you make the most out of our time together. Starting early is the best way to get in shape for the season.
Our coaches are also available to help with your long term development plan and to create together the foundations for your next achievements.

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Level 3 Tech Training

The weeks will cover all technical aspects of skiing, starting from the fundamental elements of movement. The advantage of an early start is that we can focus on training the correct movements from the beginning, without rushing through stages.
Carving, short turns, variables, bumps and any additional forms you might want to learn will be catered for!

All training will take place on the Matterhorn Glacier in Zermatt, the highest slopes in Europe. This will provide us of the best chances of good snow conditions for training!

ISIA Training Program

For those preparing for locally run exams, there will also be the advantage of a full week on the exam’s terrain. We will be showing you all the slopes available as well as the off piste terrain and bumps lines. This way you can mentally prepare for what’s coming up and not get caught out during the exam.

Our coaches will also take into account your physical condition, starting gently and building up the effort through the week; making the training days productive and with the right intensity to avoid burning out before the exam itself.
In case of bad weather a day can be rescheduled during the weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are otherwise free, in order to let you to rest or practice on your own.

Level 3 Teach Training

Parallel to this L3 Tech group we are also delivering a Level 2 training course. For people interested in coaching and shadowing experience we have a maximum of 2 spaces available to shadow our coaches as they deliver the Level 2 training.
The coach running the course will be available for in-depth analysis and discussion on teaching methods and the sharing of technical knowledge. The limited number of participants provides the best set up for the participants to be actively involved by the coach and be personally guided through.


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Other Activities

Video analysis will run every day. This is intended as both analysis of personal performance as well as analysis of other skiers! There is much to learn by watching other skiers, of any level, performing their best. Or their worse.

A fitness training session will be available to everyone participating during week. This is set to pass on some knowledge on recovery techniques. As the time at disposal is limited, fitness sessions should be aimed at making a better athlete, not at destroying one! These sessions are run by professional strength and conditioning coaches. We are also available for tips and advice on how to prepare for the rest of the season.


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Training Dates & Schedule

  • 5 days course per week
  • 15hrs on-snow technical/teaching training
  • Run by Examiners
  • Shadowing opportunities
  • Daily video analysis
  • Fitness session towards recovery

Training Fee: Visit the dedicate page here

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Level 3 & Level 4 Winter Training

Instructors interested in training towards their Level 3 and Level 4 can count on us!
Our ISIA Level 3 course runs for 11 weeks, from December to April, with training covering all the 7 modules required for this level! Peak weeks are free from training, so instructors can teach and make the most out of the high season. A great way to work towards the BASI Level 3 ISIA.
Our Level 4 course runs for 6 weeks through out the season, covering technical and teaching aspects of skiing. Supporting professionals all the way to the top certification. Race training can also be included, with a dedicated week in the spring.
Both these courses offer full mentoring and support, from organizing the dates of exams to physical check ups and follow ups. Training is tailored around the group’s needs, trying to be as comprehensive as possible.

Level 1 & 2 Courses

For skiers interested in becoming ski instructors and keen to have an extended training time towards this, we organize courses in the Autumn and in the Winter!
Skiers with less time available can also join our training group the week before each exam, to better prepare for the assessment.


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