Ski Instructor Course – IASI Level 1 Winter

Ski Instructor Course – IASI Level 1 Winter

If you are looking to become a ski instructor course with the IASI Level 1 is your starting point!

Running in January on the Matterhorn Paradise Ski Area, the highest ski area in Europe. Our team of coaches and examiners is ready to help you achieve your new qualification, in one of the most spectacular scenery of the Alps.

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IASI Alpine Level 1 Exam

This is the first step of the pathway to become a ski instructor.

The Level 1 course runs for 6 days, during which our IASI Educator & Examiner will guide you through the basic knowledge of ski teaching and ski technique.
It is essential to be prepared for this assessment with a clear understanding of what the technical tasks on which you will be examined, as well as have a good understanding and experience of the teaching techniques that you need to showcase during the week.

The course has an education part, during which the IASI Educator-Examiner will try to pass on as much knowledge as possible. This will cover both the improvement of your ski techniques as well as your teaching abilities.

It is fundamental for a ski instructor to be able to demonstrate a correct ski technique, from the beginner levels with plough, plough-parallel and parallel skiing, to the more advanced carving and short turn forms. All of these will be part of the technical exam, along with other specific skills demonstrations.

The teaching part of the course covers how to correctly approach a beginner’s class, with the most appropriate explanations, exercises and demonstrations. This is the fundamental role of the instructor: making sure we can facilitate learning and the overall positive experience of the student!

To find out more about the IASI Pathway follow the link here, where you can find all the details for all levels.

Alpine Level 1 Ski Instructor Training Course

It is not always easy to jump straight into an exam. Expectations are high and it is important to be able to ski at the level from the first day.
For this reason we provide training opportunities prior to the Level 1 week, so you can tune up and best prepare for the challenge ahead. best ski instructor course

The training runs from Monday to Friday, all day, on the Matterhorn Glacier. It covers both technical and teaching aspects, with video analysis of your performance to help through your progression. As well, mock teaching scenarios and experiences will be provided, to improve your skills and break the ice before the exam!

As we want to guarantee the best quality possible, all the training during the ski instructor course is provided only by experiences coaches.


Exam & Training Dates

Training Dates:
week 1: coming soon – January
week 2: coming soon – January

Level 1 Exam date:
Coming soon – January

For those interested in shadowing opportunities (20 hours needed to validated the Level 1 qualification) we have more hours available during the training weeks.


Course & Training Fees

The full package includes:

  • 2 Weeks Training + IASI Level 1 Exam
  • First Aid Course
  • Ski pass for the Matterhorn Ski Area
  • Accommodation in Zermatt

Package price: 4.600 chf all included.

If you are interested in attending the IASI Level 1 exam only or the exam plus only one training week please get in touch with us.


“Swiss Ski Instructor Course” Pre-Requisites

In order to sign up for the instructor course we request at least 10 weeks of ski experience, as each individual needs to hold a minimum amount of snow experience. This is necessary to ensure the best chances of passing the exam as well as allowing the correct balance of skiing levels within the group.
The IASI Level 1 requires a minimum of 20 hours snowsports school experience. We recommend, if possible, to start gaining some of these hours in local facilities if available, such as artificial ski slopes or indoor ski domes.

We can help you filling up the shadowing hours, as we have development opportunities available on our courses.

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IASI Level 1 & Level 2 – Long Term Ski Instructor Course
Any Bennett Freestyle Coaching Course

For skiers interested in becoming ski instructors and keen to have fuller training time towards this, we organize courses in the Autumn and in the Winter!
If you are interested in a one to one coaching option, have a look at our Full Focus week and get in touch with us to tailor your training together.
Subzero Coaching also delivers other IASI Courses such as: Alpine Level 2, Race Coach Level 1, Freestyle Coach Level 1+2,  Coaching Theory. Find out dates and detail clicking here.

IASI Level 3 & Level 4 – Career Development

Instructors interested in training towards their Level 3 and Level 4 can count on us!
Our ISIA Level 3 course runs for 11 weeks, from December to April, with training covering all the modules required for this level! Peak weeks are free from training, so instructors can teach and make the most out of the high season. For more details you can visit the dedicated page.
Our Level 4 course runs for 6 weeks through out the season, covering technical and teaching aspects of skiing. Supporting professionals all the way to the top certification. Race training can also be included, with its dedicated week in the spring time.
Both these courses offer full mentoring and support, from organizing the dates of exams to physical check ups and follow ups. Training is tailored around the group’s needs, trying to be as comprehensive as possible.

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