Autumn Camp

Autumn Camp

Ski Season Conditioning Camp

Prior to the start of the ski season we offer a complete body and skills check up, followed by a program to enable you to maximise ski-specific dryland training.

As the ski season grows closer, we all put great effort into getting into the right shape for skiing. So,
How do you make sure you maximise these efforts?
There are many variables to consider when planning a dryland program and all need to be directly applicable to skiing.
How frustrating can it be to spend hours in the gym for the entire autumn only to find out in December that your hamstrings are undertrained and are holding you back, or you suffer of backache after the first week of GS training, or your posture is incorrect and it’s weakening your technique?

Over a long weekend in Zermatt-Cervinia we can put you through a series of tests to understand your current:
Range of motion
Muscle strength
General fitness level

Further, we will go skiing together.
We will perform a mix of exercises and free ski runs in order to analyse not on your technique but
how your current physical skills are and where any improvement needs to be focused on.

Once we have all the data, we will compile a bespoke professional strength and conditioning plan that will take all these different aspects into consideration.
Like no one else has done before for you.

ski season conditioning camp

Can’t wait?

Have al look at some of our blog articles for some conditioning tips!
For more information please contact us directly at
Our coaches are always available to run through the program with you personally. If you are interested in running the camp in other dates or venues for yourself or your team, please get in touch.
We work in a number of facilities in Europe and we are available for tailored camps also in other sports!

Coming up

We have new programmes coming up for next year! In different locations and set up, allowing snowsport professionals to gain the maximim out of the time a disposal during the course.
Get ready!
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The Subzero Coaching Team

Ski Season Conditioning Camp – Subzero Coaching