Massage Zermatt

Massage Zermatt

Massage Zermatt.
Our team is ready to help you relax in a soft environment or recover from sport activities.
We are available for home services as well as at our studio!

Relax Massage massage-therapy-zermatt

Performed using only natural oils, our relax massages use a mix of firm and gentle touches on the skin, allowing the stresses of the day to leave the body.

As we create and mix our own oils you can chose your favorite fragrances mix before the massage. Or let us pick them for you, according to your preferences.

Within the different time length available you can chose whether you prefer a full body massage or just over a specific area, such as legs or back & neck. For massages from 1 hr upwards we suggest to opt for full body.

Price list – Relax Massage Zermatt

50 min – 120 chf
80 min – 180 chf



Sport Massage

The ideal massage to help the body recovering from physical activities. The pressures applied are stronger than the relax ones, in order to reach the deeper tissues and help them releasing tension.

Included with this massage is also a trigger point treatment, which with more modern techniques used in the past, can be more usefully released. With the correct blend of steady pressures and movements, the muscles and their trigger points are efficiently de-contracted, for results that lasts longer through time.


We have a special blend of essential oils used for the sport massage treatments to help blood circulation and reduce inflammation

Price list – Sport Massage Zermatt

50 min – 120 chf
80 min – 180 chf





TheraGun Massage (Fascial Gun) + Passive Stretching

Combining the use of the TheraGun and passive stretching movements, this therapy session allows you to gain:

Typical Session:

30 minutes TheraGun workout to relax muscles and fascia.
30 minutes structural stretch, passive movements with our therapist moving you in position.

Through the mix of the use of the TheraGun and passive movements you will be able to reach deeper, more comfortable stretch than ever before. Standing taller, moving smarter, living better.

Price list – Theragun Massage Session Zermatt

50 min – 120 chf
90 min – 180 chf

Passive Stretching Massage

Created mixing our expertise as strength & conditioning coaches, posture educators and masseurs.
This blend of massages and stretching positions is unique and brings together the benefits of tissues manipulations from the massages with the benefits of muscle stretching. Sport Stretching zermatt massage

The correct choice of massage techniques allows your muscles to be warmed up and de-contracted first.
Then a selection of stretching positions are chose by the therapist, according to your needs. Each stretching pose is held passively, so it is the therapist that moves and holds limbs, stretching the muscles. All you need to do is relax and let your flexibility improve.

Price list – Passive Stretching Massage Zermatt

50 min – 120 chf


Slimming Massage

The use of the appropriate pressures and motions has the effect of shaping the body.
While massages do not make the body lose weight, they can

  • improve the condition of the skin,
  • increasing its firmness,
  • reducing cellulite & fluid retention.

These massages are also effective in helping increase circulation and remove toxins from the body. slimming massage zermatt 2

We create a dedicated oil blend, with active ingredients that help the body reacting naturally also after the massage.

Depending on the individual needs and requests we can also include coffee oil, with natural caffeine, to boost effects.

The slimming effects of the massage can easily last up to 72 hours, depending on the individual. Making it the go to solution for many public figures before events and soirees.
Mixing these massages with a few simple nutrition tips and/or work outs will extend the benefit on the manual therapy. Ask our masseurs team for more info on this!

Price list – Slimming Massage Zermatt

30 min – 60 chf
50 min – 120 chf


Our Massage Team

Our masseurs and masseuse are expert, independent professionals brought together by the will to deliver excellent and fully comprehensive services.

Massages of at least 2 hours can be provided at the comfort of your home, chalet or hotel room, or you can visit one of our massage study around Zermatt. Get in touch with us to find out which one is closer to you.

If you are looking for something different from the massage types we have listed here get in touch with us. Each one of us is on a continuous development process, so each year we specialize onto a new massage techniques!


Find out more about our team on the dedicated section here.