Personal Training

Personal Training

Your Zermatt personal trainer(s) here to support you towards your goals!

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

We have a team of expert coaches able to guide you through the physical preparation needed for your sport of choice. personal trainer Zermatt

Working either indoor in one of the gyms across town or outdoor on track & field or open air gyms.
From amateur to professional levels we have trained athletes in sports such as:

  • Alpine Skiing (World Cup)
  • Telemark (World Cup)
  • American Football (National)
  • Drivers & Riders (24 hr LeMans cars/National Motocross)
  • Triathlon (European)
  • Field Hockey (Regional)
  • Gymnastics (Regional)
  • Rugby (Regional)
  • Boxing (Regional)

Along with a over 10 years experience with amateur body builders and fitness athletes.

Which ever your sport it, we are ready to help you preparing for it.


Body Shaping

Our Head Coach’s career actually started as personal trainer in Milan, in the fashion district, helping individuals finding a better body shape and fashion models keeping their jobs! body shaping - fitness-zermatt

“Being able to help a person finding their ideal body shape is as rewarding as helping an athlete winning a medal” our Head Coach Fede always says.

In a relaxed yet motivating atmosphere we aim at working together towards this goal, supporting you through out the journey.
The first session is always a preliminary one, where we can meet, understand your aim and come up with a plan to achieve it. The training plan will always take in consideration your preferences and, of course, your hates!

There is no point in forcing you to do thing you don’t like through out, it will never last the test of time.
Instead we’ll look for activities, exercises, venues and the over all set up to be pleasant, so your motivation doesn’t need to be tested every time you go training.
How? Don’t worry, that’s part of our job!


Health Optimization

In the last few years we have been working with many people interested in gaining better health.
For different reasons and coming from a different past history, it being an illness, an injury or just some time away from the ideal lifestyle. strength & Conditioning coaching zermatt

Each background tells us a different story (from a health point of view) and each individual will get a tailored approach towards his or her goal.
With this in mind we create a plan together, including (on request) elements of posture alignment, nutrition tips and medical support.

For those keen to go more in depth we can also look into medical screenings like blood tests, allergies & intolerance tests, heart monitoring and more.

As your personal coach we are fully available to work with your doctor or specialist to come up with the better solutions for you.

Online Personal Training

We have been successfully working with ski instructors and athletes with online programmes.

After a detailed interview, which can be done either face to face or online, we create a training programme calibrated around your needs. With regular video calls follow ups, including videos, we can check on the progress and support you through out.

We have been able to achieve great successes with people looking for different results and with varied backgrounds, from ski instructors looking for the extra physical edge to pass exams, to men and women interested in losing weight, to athletes looking to follow a complete off-season prep before competition season.

Personal Trainer Zermatt

Find out more about our coaching team on the dedicated section here.
We are always available in Zermatt from October to April. During the summer we have coaches based in Italy and the UK, get in touch to find out which one is closest to you!

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