Ski Instructor Career

Ski Instructor Career

Who we are

Subzero Coaching is a professional development provider. While our coaches still work with private clients on occasion throughout the winter season, we are not a ski school. As a company, we do not teach guests from the resorts we work in or market ourselves as a school. Our focus is solely on ski instructor development.

Our Mission for your ski instructor career

We have a decade of dedication and experience, helping people build their ski careers. For that reason, we decided to create a range of professional training courses. The sole aim is to help people start their careers in the best way possible. Naturally leading them into a successful career path for the future. Linked below are articles with information, not on instructor courses, but on the ski industry in general. Through these articles, we hope to give you in key facts you're searching for.

Our aim is to assist new instructors to improve their technical ability and start their new careers with ease.
Additionally, we also help more experienced instructors that feel like it’s time for a new challenge or new resort.

We also work with ski schools, aiding them in the search for their next brilliant snow-sports professional.
We aim to bring the two goals together and provide the best results for instructors and ski schools in unison.

Here's how we deliver

Subzero Coaching - Ski Instructor Career

We help instructors with career-long professional development, by offering the best training possible along with an exciting working package.
We do this by working directly with ski schools. Throughout Switzerland and the Alps, we pair businesses with the professional instructors they need, in conjunction with our in-house training.
From starting your Level 1 to completing you Level 4 and even race training, we can help you through.

Our professional development programmes run throughout the winter season in Zermatt, one of Europes leading resorts.
This allows you to be based in Zermatt season long or during peak times. Consequently, your work opportunities can range between resorts across the Alps or Zermatt itself. As a result of the great packages provided by our partner ski schools. To find out more about these courses, visit the dedicated page.

Through collaborations with a number of schools in Switzerland, Italy and Austria, we are able to offer unprecedented value and a rewarding season on snow. Combining the two, we are able to offer a seasons experience like no other, with a CV that can double in size over one single winter. To read the job description for this opportunity, visit this page!

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Ski Instructor Career - Subzero Coaching & Recruitment

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