Ski Instructor Jobs

Ski Instructor Jobs

Ski Instructor Jobs

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On this page, you will discover tips on how to find ski instructor jobs. Read about the experiences shared by fellow instructors through this article. As a result, we hope to guide you towards the perfect role for you.

Different meaning of Ski Instructor Jobs

Although this role is always categorized under the same title, being a ski instructor can vary a lot.

Depending on multiple factors, such as:
– where you are based
– which kind of company you work for
– the size of the ski school
– the clientele (origins, culture, expectations and so on)
– the competitive environment of the school

Below, we have gathered information on some of the most popular countries for ski instructor jobs. Get in touch with us to find out more details on each resort or ski school! If you are already looking for a job in Europe, have a look at our job opportunities here.


Ski Instructor Jobs Europe

“Ski instructor jobs Europe” is a significantly broad definition. It is important to realize the number of different nations hosting a vast number of resorts. In fact, every nation has a different legislation to regulate the ski instructor market. Another key point is that many countries speak a different mother language. Additionally, each resort will draw their own specific nationality of guests to their holiday destination.

When picking a resort in Europe, it’s important to have a little general knowledge of the situation current market in the resort itself, as well as the ski school you are applying for. Language is a good example.
Knowing that a resort in Germany attracts a high amount of Dutch speakers will give a different meaning to the job description line “second language preferred”. For Dutch speaking instructors, this could be a significant CV advantage.
Foremost in Europe, each individual resort has a multitude of companies working next to each other! Working for one school over the other can make a significant difference to your resort experience.

Ski Instructor Job Europe – Summary

Full season application time: May until September
Last window full season applications: September until December
Ski School Market: Open – multiple schools in every resort
Main Language: Multiple – German, Italian, French, Russian and English the most requested
Most Accepted Qualification: Individual National Association preferred
Other most accepted qualifications: ISIA Stamp Standard
Also accepted: Most Level 2 qualifications (European qualifications preferred)
Exceptions: France requires the full certificate including Eurotest and eurosecurité exam

For more information about the differences in working as a ski instructor in Europe please follow the link to the dedicated article.

ski instructor training courses in Switzerland ISIA, IASI, BASI, CSIA
Summer in Zermatt, Switzerland.


Ski Instructor Job New Zealand

New Zealand is a very popular destination amongst English speaking instructors for a summer season on skis. Although, ski instructor jobs in New Zealand are not easy to obtain. This is because the ski resorts are relatively small compared to Europe and North America and the competition to get there is quite high.

Often, the best way to get a job in your resort of choice is through a valuable CV and a good reference from a former employer as well as a ski coach. To top it off, a reference from someone who has previously worked for the school you are applying to.
There is one important fact to consider when looking for employment in New Zealand (especially when compared to Europe). Each resort in New Zealand is run by one single company. The company, therefore, owns the one ski school operating in the resort. One resort, one company, one ski school, simple! Make sure you’re always polite when talking to instructors working in NZ, there’s a chance your words might reach the top!

Ski Instructor Job New Zealand – Summary

Full season application time: October until January
Last window full season applications: End February
Ski School Market: Closed – One school in every resort
Main Language: English, some resort also look for Chinese speakers
Most Accepted Qualification: NZSIA
Other most accepted qualifications: Most associations, especially Level 3 and above
Also accepted: Most Level 2 qualifications

To find out who is recruiting in New Zealand you can get in touch with NZSIA (New Zealand Ski Instructors Association).

ski instructor job new zealand, ski instructor job uk


Mount Cook – New Zealand

Ski Instructor Job Japan

Probably one of the most growing ski destinations, Japan is now attracting many instructors to work in their resorts. With a high reputation for endless powder days, Japan is the go-to place for the Japanese culture lovers that are keen to live under the snow (quite literally).
Western instructors will need to be able to adapt to a community that is open to foreigners and at the same time, still deeply rooted in traditional habits. Being able to show goodwill and learn Japanese, for example, can make a great difference between being asked to come back (and maybe receiving a higher wage) or not.

Ski Instructor Job Japan – Summary

Full season application time: July until October
Last window full season applications: October until December
Ski School Market: Mixed – Japanese and “International” ski schools can be found
Main Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Most Accepted Qualification: Most associations, especially Level 3 and above
Also accepted: Most Level 2 qualifications

Get in touch with us to find out about recruitment in Japan this season. SAJ is the national Japanese ski instructor association.

ski instructor job Japan


Mount Fuji, Japan

Ski Instructor Job UK

The UK, surprisingly, is a somewhat requested destination for ski instructors to go work in. Especially during the summer months, ski centres offer a chance for ski instructors to log hours on snow (or carpet) and stay on top of their game.
As you can see from the Ski Instructor Salary page, this is possibly not the most remunerative location to teach. On the other hand, if your already nearby to a facility and you have the chance of a cheap accommodation… it could be a valuable option!

Ski Instructor Job UK – Summary

Full season applications: Year-round, depending on the facility
Ski School Market: Mixed – Depending on the facility
Main Language: English
Most Accepted Qualification: BASI, IASI
Other most accepted qualifications: Most English speaking associations
Also accepted: Most Level 1 qualifications

BASI and IASI are most recognized qualifications in the country. Through them, you can also search for ski jobs in the UK and Ireland.


Ski Instructor Job Canada

Canada has been, and still is, one of the most popular nations for ski instructors to work. Vast ski areas, that, for the most part, are still untouched and rich wildlife, have fascinated many. On the west coast, the promise of many powder days is actually kept, and the workload is often enough to sustain a season of skiing. In recent years we have seen a drop in the ski instructor’s wages, which, along with the difficulties of getting a visa, is now pushing many to find employment elsewhere.  Ski resorts like Whistler are getting more and more difficult to get into, for those who are not in the system yet. Though smaller resorts, like Big White and Silver Star, are still great options for an excellent season in North America.

Ski Instructor Job Canada – Summary

Full season application time: May until September
Last window full season applications: September until December
Ski School Market: Closed – One school in every resort
Main Language: English, French
Most Accepted Qualification: CSIA
Other most accepted qualifications: Europeans, APSI, NZSIA, PSIA

To find out who is recruiting in Canada you can get in touch with CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance).


ski instructor job canada ski instructor jobs


Lake Louise, Canada

To find out more about these and other countries get in touch with us directly at info@subzerocoaching.com.

To find out more about ski instructor recruitment visit this page!

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