Words of Wisdom

Cazz and Bruce, after a winter in Zermatt, are keen to share “Words of Wisdom” with the rest of the gang.
I have only grouped things together and added pictures to the original file.
All credits to them!

Town Life
Zermatt Winter
* Never badmouth someone in Zermatt in public. Everyone knows everyone, and a large amount of business owners are also related.

* The three supermarkets are all good for different things so have a wander around. There is also a Portugese supermarket.

* Muller in the corner of the Bahnhof square is good for toiletries.

* Never have more than one shot in Hischi. Just don’t.

* Go into the Matterhorn Museum. 10 CHFs entrance and quite interesting and gives some chairlift conversation on local history.Brown Cow Zermatt

* Watch out for overexcited Swiss wielding fireworks at New Year.

* Check closing times of supermarkets before heading down the valley to Visp (…)

* Brown Cow burgers are hard to beat.

* Bring earplugs and a thick skin if you’re going to Timeout, and don’t order a pint of water.

* Grizzly’s is great for watching sport. Pop in and ask if they aren’t advertising a game you want; chances are they’ll put it on for you.

* The Cavern is a good place for a drink (for us and for clients) and usually quiet.

Diamonds LifeMatterhorn Diamonds
* If Bruce invites you over for a curry, don’t have lunch.

* If in doubt, ask. Rowena is always there to help.

* If Fede is being grumpy, feed him.

* There are some good cake stops on the mountain (or some not-so-good ones, in case Fede is being particularly grumpy).

* Pato is a physio and a really nice guy so if you have any worries chat to him.

* Fede can recommend good stretches for any particular niggles, and stretching everyday really does make a difference. Try and create the habit early.


Mountain Life

* Beware the icy/sludgy/muddy wall of death at the bottom of Sunegga Ski Area.
Sunnegga Zermatt
* Be prepared for Eastern Europeans chugging vodka at the breakfast table before their lesson.

* An extra run at the top and downloading can be better than skiing down to town. So don’t be afraid of suggesting it. Leave the client happy.

* Get to know the slopes inside out and in different conditions. What might be ok one day, will scare your client the next.

* Practice moving to different areas and the time it takes to ski at different speeds.

* Learn the good hot chocolate stops in Italy. You should be able to stand a spoon up in it!

* Know where the real toilets are in Italy. Holes in the ground are not nice, especially for girls.

* Insist on tiramisù and lattes in Italy during training.

* Always be polite and friendly to the waiters at the mountain restaurants. Being on good terms will be vital during the busy weeks.

* 10 minutes late = no table at good restaurants. Call ahead if you think you won’t be there early.

* You can get a decent amount of salad for 8CHF in the self-services. Line the rim with cucumber for an extra inch of bowl.

* The Ice Palace is pretty cool.

* Clients love to know the names of the mountains.

* ‘Spot the Cloud’ is a good game to keep noisy children amused on a bluebird day, as is getting the marmots to squeak to you. Ski Lift

* The half-black half-white goats under the Klein Matterhorn bubble are really friendly and like to be stroked, and have babies in the spring!

* Talk to other instructors. Debate ideas and practices, get ideas and create your own pedagogy. Steal great ideas and understand why when you don’t like certain practices or instructor styles.

* Analyze skiers from the chairlift and decide what you would do with them. The more you practice the easier it will be to plan lessons on the go or if a trainer changes your challenge during an exam.

* Watch other instructors too; understand what other people see when they watch you from the chairlift

Ski Instructor’s Life

* If your boots are a little smelly put tea bags in them. If you are feeling fancy use peppermint or Earl Grey but Migros Budget do the job very well.

Ski Instructor