Supplements for Ski Instructors

Supplements for Ski Instructors

Nutrition and supplementation are two fundamentals in the run towards the highest sport performance. Both are vast subjects that can’t be squashed into a web article without leaving out important information and the necessary tailoring around individual’s need.
Trying to narrow down the field of competence, this article takes in consideration a couple of foods that can also be taken as concentrated supplements.
They can be interesting for the winter months, when ski teaching keeps you busy with clients, eating out often and maybe following a not very regular diet. As well as skiing (!) and so exposed to cold weather, tight boots and standing up for long hours.
Also, this period could be the start of the countdown towards exams. It will be essential at this stage to make the best of the time at disposal, both physically and technically.

This moment of the season makes the difference between arriving at the spring dates in shape or tired and run down.

Vitamin CVitamin-C-Rich-Foods Supplements ski instructors supplements

Vit. C is cointained in a long list of fruit and vegetables.
Fresh food is always to be preferred as a source, noting that Vit.C is easily destroyed at high temperatures (pretty much any form of cooking).
As well, it is water soluble (bonds well with water) so it’s easily absorbed but also easily expelled (it stays in the body for an average of 2-4 hours).
The best way to make the most out of it is in multiple doses, 4-6 a day, so the body has the vitamin readily available all the time.
What can it be good for:

1. Heavy legs/bad circulation

Skiing requires standing up for long hours, in tight ski boots and cold weather.
Vit C has a powerful effect on the health of veins and capillaries, promoting the healing processes of the damaged tissues and protecting the healthy ones.

2. Fatigue/Seasonal illnesses

Vit C promotes immune system’s health. By empowering the immune system to work efficiently the body can heal itself faster, getting rid of illnesses before they spread.
Whilst the vitamin itself doesn’t have a major effect in curing a running cold or fever, it has major impact in preventing the illness happening.
Appropriate rest and a suitable dosage of vitamins, especially Vit C, will help avoid over fatigue and the chances of seasonal illnesses happening.

3. Joint health

There are other supplements that will work towards joint health, but Vit C is definitely the cheapest, easiest, and friendliest to the body (little or no side effect).
Every toxic element we come into contact with (alcohol, caffeine, pollution, smoke) is absorbed by the body. Part of it we get rid of immediately, another part can get “stuck” in the joints, as the peripheral blood circulation is less present in those areas.
Vit C works in both prevention, by helping getting rid of the toxic material in the first place. As well as by promoting efficiency in the immune system, lowering local inflammation stages.


Curcumincurcumin Supplements for ski instructors

Curcumin is the yellow pigment of Turmeric. Once extracted from the natural sources (Turmeric and Ginger) can be used efficiently for a variety of pourposes.
Because is fat soluble (doesn’t dissolve in water but in fat) and it’s absorption is poor in the intestin, it is normally matched with pepper extract or other phyto transporters (like in products such as Unicur) in order to be better assimilated.

What can it be good for:

1. Anti Oxidant

A few studies on Curcumin reported a positive outcome on enzyme indicators. Curcumin seems to be a valuable option for those looking for an anti-oxidant to help contrast stress or the negative effects of an unbalanced diet.

2. Inflammation Control

Skiing is not the gentlest of sports on joints, ligaments and muscles. Let alone the state of some feet after a few months in tight boots. Inflammation also occurs after following unbalanced diets. Animal products, industrial processed and sugar can trigger immune system reactions. Bringing a general sense of fatigue to the internal organs.
Curcumin has been studied for its property of lowering the body tissues inflammation. Conveniently it appeared to be non-discriminatory in which inflammatory state it benefits. In other words whether it’s the beginning, the peak or the tail of the inflammation process, curcumin can help.
Beneficial effects on lowering pain levels have also been registered.

3. Intestine Health

Used in its natural pure form of Turmeric (a lot cheaper than the extract) can be successfully used as colon anti-inflammatory. As well as a good help for digestion.
Turmeric works well in the intestin because it is not well absorbed and can exploit its potential locally.
It will not be useful for the other pourposes previously listed because curcumin it’s not absorbed in the blood stream without the help of pepper extract or other transporters.


Vitamin C and Curcumin are the fundamental supplements for a wide range of sport professionals.

Because of their positive effect on general health they can be also adopted during the off season or in moment of higher need; stress, heavy training or injury recover.
Neither of these supplements have registered heavy side effects in high dosages. Because of the variety of products on the market it is recommended to follow the intake dosage suggested on the label.

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The Subzero Coaching Team

Note to the reader.
This article follows lectures delivered to our trainees during our ski instructor training courses.
Any advice on nutrition and supplementation needs to be adopted within a healthy and balanced diet.
Supplements do not substitute a correct diet regime.

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