A Season Training – ISIA Team

Ski Season Zermatt – Training with the ISIA Team.

We had a ball!

Beside a mountain high (that mountain!) amount of training hours delivered, travelling to different resorts, making the most out of the (few) powder days, taking the chance to follow clients in other resorts in Switzerland, getting catapulted around the race course, skiing into each others a few times and coming up with a new type of turn (the Armadillo turn!), we really had fun together. And we achieved some pretty good results!
The total score sees a 100% pass rate for this year’ ISIA Team members who attended:

  • 2 L3 Teaching Module
  • 1 Technical Module
  • 1 L1 Race Coach Module
  • 1 L1 Adaptive Module
  • 1 Landes Skilehrer 2 (LS2) Exam
    November in Zermatt also allowed someone getting an ahead start by passing:
  • Mountain Safety Module
  • L1 Adaptive Module
    Getting pretty close to the full poker. Now let’s sort out the second language and finish the Level 3 withing the year!

Ski Season Zermatt Training
Well done for the consistency as well. We went pretty close to 100% training attendance from everyone!
Thank you again to you and to all the members of the Training Centre for the support this season.
We are looking forward to next season and completing the education through each one’s national system.

All the best.

Head Coach
Subzero Coaching

subzero coaching ski gap course

Ski Season Zermatt, Switzerland