Sport Drinks – Measure Water Loss

Sport Drinks – Measure Water Loss

Summer has come and heat waves are already entertaining people across the northen emisphere.
Training in hot environments is a neccessity for some athletes putting milage running or cycling outdoor. This will force heavier swetting, increasing the water loss during workouts and putting the body in the risk of dehydration.

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Now, have you ever tried to mesure how much water you lose in a single work out?
There is always a lot of talk about how much water we need to drink every day, but wouldn’t be interesting to know at least how much water we lose every time we train?
Time for a little trick! Weight yourself before the training session. Do your work out without drinking (or if that’s not possible, mesuring the amount of water you intake). Then weight yourself again straight after the workout. The difference in weight will be the amount of water you lost.

Example 1: 80 kg body weight before training. No drinking during the session. 79,5 kg body weight after training = 0,5 lt of water lost in the session.
Sport Drinks - Measure water loss
Example 2: 55 kg body weight before training. 0,75 water intake during the session. 54 kg body weight after training = 0,25 lt of water loss.

Of course this result is a guideline, but can be pretty accurate! As long as we don’t use the bathroom between weightings and we know exactly how much water we drunk during the training session (1 lt = 1 kg). This is an estimate that can be really useful to estabilsh which is the minimum amount of water you need to intake in order to keep the body hydrated and at its best performance levels. The next steps will be to better understand how to drink and what to drink! Stay tunes for our next articles!
Sport Drinks – Workout Hydrated

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