Ski Instructor Courses

Ski Instructor Courses

If you are a passionate skier and you want to share your enthusiasm with other people, you have already ticked the two most important boxes for the ski instructor world!

The Levels

Ski instructor courses start from the Level 1 all the way to Level 4.
The level 1 just allows you to teach indoor and on dryslopes.
The Level 2 allows the successfull participants to teach outdoor and unsupervised, within a ski school contract. At this level you are effectively a ski instructor free to work in the majority of countries! Level 3 allows a better pay rate and better employability. The level 4 allows you to work indipendently pretty much in every country.

Ski instructor course

Ski Instructor Courses

Ski instructor courses for Level 1 + 2 are a popular formula because they allow you to create a solid platform to start your career. As well as being farily stress-free for what concerns organization. At least in those courses that include everything!
As well, the training you undertake during this first instructor course is fundamental to your technical and professional growth. The better your training is delivered (and the more dedicated you are) the more time you’ll be able to save later on.

Ski instructor courses towards Level 3.  They picked up in the last few years, since there is a big step up from the level 2 to the 3. This is also a delicate moment in the pathway. The Level 3 has more modules to go through, it’s essential to have a strategy and training efficiently!

Ski instructor courses towards Level 4 often run within the school training schedule. Recently many instructors prefer to go to dedicated training bodies in order to get a more specific preparation.

Before we started putting together our ski courses we run this analysis; trying to understand where we could improve the current offer. Coming from sport coaching and going through the ski system ourself, we understood what we needed to do. So we came up with a series of courses that could accompany the instructor through every step. Taking care not just of the skiing aspect but including: physical preparation, teaching and coaching training, second language classes, second discipline training, lectures on multiple topics, specific race training and freestyle introduction. Plus first aid courses, postural check and education, pre season strength and conditioning, rehab protocols.. The list keeps going..

Our Ski Instructor Courses

To get the new career started we have a choice of two courses, split into two different time of year. They include the Level 1 &2 exams, aso by end the participant can be qualified! The Autum course takes the participant through 7 weeks of training, before the winter seasons actually starts. The Winter course starts at the very beginning of the winter, lasts 9 weeks and finishes just before Half Term. This way both courses give enough time to train and also the chance to get a job straight after. Ski instructor courses

Our Level 3 ISIA course aims at those interested in getting all the modules of the level done and dusted. Efficiently! We are the only provider that actually delivers training from A to Z, using only experts in each field. It runs across the winter, only in the low season weeks, for a total of 11 weeks and 200+ hours of training.
For more info on the ISIA Standards visit the official page!

The Level 4 course is the shorter course we have, “only” 6 weeks. But it’s packed with unseen  quality training, delivered by coaches that have a global vision on the task ahead. Let’s take it to the max!

Our Aim

Is actually fairly simple. We are passionate coaches. As such we want to deliver the best we can. To do so we keep on training ourself, attending new courses and clocking hours of practice every year. The day this drive will die out, we’ll quit. Up until then, we’ll be looking forward to share our passion with others. Through running courses, only in small numbers and with limited places. Because what we deliver needs to be the best we can deliver.