Skiing Gap Year Zermatt – Skiing Gap Year Switzerland

Skiing Gap Year Zermatt

If you are looking for a gap year skiing, Zermatt is the place to go.

Zermatt Holidays

Zermatt – Skiing Gap Year Destination

Away from the main stream resorts of France and from the low altitudes of Austria. Zermatt is the gem of the Alps. The highests ski area in Europe, reaching nearly 4.000 meters with the glacier open year round for the ultimate ski experience. The ski area (350 km and growing every year) goes over 3 mountains on the Swiss side, plus another 2 on the Italian side. As Zermatt is connected with Cervinia, Italy, through the ski area itself!

Zermatts’ nightlife? Something like 120 hotels (nearly each one of them with their own bar..) plus dozens of restaurants, public bars and clubs. That’s a nightlife worth travelling to.

Ski instructor training

The Ski Gap Experience with Subzero

“Because some things are more worthwhile than others. And those things can’t wait. Here and now is when great journeys begin – and this is a unique one.”

“If you have never lived in the mountains for a full winter then here is an opportunity for a great experience. An opportunity to do something new, something different and learn along the way. Learn about the mountains, the skiing, the teaching. Getting in touch with new people, making friends from across the world. Creating adventures.”

We used these definitions to open up the articles describing our ski instructor courses. We took inspiration not from marketing but quite simply from two sources: what our trainees have told us in the past and what we experienced at the time of our first season.
We’ve been though it ourselves.  Today we coach instructors but we had to start somewhere! And what we want to deliver today is what we wanted to have delivered to us back in our days. So rest assured we are going to do the best to bring you the best!

Ski Gap Zermatt Skiing Gap Year

What we deliver

Through our experience we learnt a few things.
Package needs to be inclusive. If all is already all organized by us, you can just focus on training and enjoying the experience. It’s the basics of professional training (we do still work with Pro athletes today) to enable the participant to just worry about one thing: skiing. Accommodation, lift pass and food are all included. You just need to book your transfer to the resort and we’ll go skiing together.
Just let others deal with organizing things, you make the most of what’s there.
We still want freedom: we know there needs to be a balance between training and time off. So we leave the weekends free, along with the evenings. Activities are there to be taken but no pressure on doing so. Fancy a sunday in bed? Take it. Fancy a weekend exploring a new ski resort? Let’s go. That simple.

What about Training?

Training needs to be good. There really is no way round it. If training is low quality and unmotivating nothing is going to work out. We believe in what we do because we fully committed in our programmes. We will deliver it the best it can be delivered. No questions about it.
Experience and care. Two simple characteristics that make the difference. Our experience in skiing is broad, we are ski instructor Examiners and we’ve been around our fair share. We are also coaches, with at least a decade each of work in high level training for different teams and athletes. We run these ski courses because we care to deliver a good job when helping others to start a new career. And spending a useful and fun time on the mountains together.

Our Courses

Check out our Autumn Course for the best value for time and money. 7 weeks of training, accommodation and food included with skipass and exams fees. The Matterhorn Glacier is always open, so we can start training in October and qualify before the start of the Winter! We’ll help out in finding a job through our contacts in town and in other resorts in Switzerland. Further, if you already hold a visa, we’ll get you in touch with resorts in Canada!

Ski instructor course skiing gap year zermatt skiing gap year switzerland

 Skiing Gap Year

If you are looking for a Winter course or you already a ski instructor interested in progressing through your qualifications, visit our Ski Instructor Course page and get in touch with us!


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