Ski Club of Ireland Offer

Ski Club of Ireland Offer

Ski Club of Ireland IASI Level 1 and Level 2 Opportunity

Subzero Coaching is offering discounted rates to members of the Ski Club of Ireland interested in getting their IASI Level 1 or Level 2 qualification.

The Exams

As LCP (licensed course provider) we run IASI Level 1 and Level 2 exams in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Autumn 2020, on the Zermatt-Matterhorn Glacier:
IASI Alpine Level 1, 26th – 31st October
IASI Alpine Level 2, 22nd – 27th November.

Winter 2020/21, on the Zermatt-Matterhorn Paradise ski area:
IASI Alpine Level 1, 14th – 19th December (provisional)
IASI Alpine Level 2, 2nd – 7th February (provisional)

Each exam runs for a total of 42 hours in 6 days, with on and off the snow activities.
For more information on the pathway you can visit the official IASI website!

Pre-Exam Training

For those interested in completing their preparation towards the level 1 or 2  exams we offer the opportunity to join us for a week of training, with an IASI Educator and Examiner, prior to the exam dates.
The aim for this week is to reach your full skiing potential, as well as running through all the teaching scenarios of the exam. You will also have the chance to become familiar with the ski area and practice on the exam’s terrain. Because of the limited training time frame, it is important to arrive to the training week already prepared and fairly confident of the level required. In order to make the most out your time away, we have planned the training to finish just one day before the start of the exam. So you can rest before the “main event” but you also make the most of your time away from home.

If you are behind schedule with your shadowing hours or you are interested in gaining more experience in teaching..
Don’t worry!
For the January/February training week we will join the Level 3  Training Team every afternoon. You will be able to shadow the coach during his work on the group as well as actively participating in teaching scenarios the Level 3 team will be practicing on. This is a truly unique opportunity to see teaching from every perspective!
By the end of the week yowill accumulate 15 hours (5 half days) of technical ski training and 15 hours (5 half days) of shadowing hours and teaching experience.

Ski Club of Ireland Offer

The standard fee for the IASI exams (6 days duration) is 610 euros. Standard fee for the training week (5 days) is 500 chf.
To all members of the Ski Club of Ireland we are happy to offer:
10% discount on the IASI Level 1 or 2 Assessment
15% discount for the package: Training Week + IASI Level 1 or 2 assessment

In addition to the above offer, we are also able to provide great discounts on ski rental, with a few pairs of top piste skis available each week. Please note that numbers are limited!
Accommodation in Zermatt is also available, through our partner companies.

To book your place please get in touch with us: We are happy to answer any questions your might have.

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Looking for more?

If you are interested in more training take a look at our ski instructor courses. We have training programmes running 7 months a year, from level 1 to level 4. So get in touch with us to find out more!
Looking to expand your horizons above skiing?
Check out the coaching modules we run for IASI, in Freestyle, Racing and the new Alpine Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1!

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