Mountain Safety Course for the ISIA Team

Mountain Safety Course – Our ISIA Team in Engelberg

Mountain Safety. Our ISIA Team is a group of Level 2 ski instructors that subscribed to our season long training programme towards their next qualification level. The Level 3 ISIA. Here is a brief report of how their week went this February!

Mountain Safety Course IASI


The members of the ISIA Team 2017/18 were keen to get their Mountain Safety module done during the winter. So, we got in touch with our friends at Prime Mountain Sports in Engelberg to organize one!
Luckily for everyone we were able to count on the availability of Daniel Perret, who helped finding accommodation for the team and organizing a great week!

The IASI Mountain Security L1

This year’s team members came from different education systems: CSIA, NZSIA and APSI. After getting in touch with different associations in Europe, for the first time in our ISIA training programme, everyone decided to join IASI; continuing their education through a european association.
Part of the IASI Level 3 ISIA Stamp is also the Mountain Security L1. Through fellow IASI LCP in Engelberg (licensed course provider) we were able to set up a course that worked with our seasonal training calendar!

IASI Mountain Safety ISIA Diamonds

Preparing for the course

We started the preparation for this module early January. Even though there is quite some time dedicated to training during the course itself, we wanted to make sure everyone was well prepared for it!
Making the most out of the bad weather that hit Zermatt, we clocked hours in town and on the mountain. Transcever research, snow pit reading, ski touring, map reading, off piste skiing.
All practiced to make the most out of the course week!

Engelberg Adventure 

The team was able to travel to Engelberg (CH) through the swiss railway. Avoiding the hussle of renting cars and driving. At their arrival ski pass and accommodation was already set up, so all they needed to do is take some rest and get ready for the week ahead!

The first four days of the week were filled with information and practice on all aspects of mountain safety. Discovering a new mountain range while learning how to read the landscape and its snow is possibly one of the best ways of living life at altitude. Engelberg and Dani, leader of the course, delivered a great adventure and a great amount of knowledge was passed on.

Prime Mountain Sports Subzero Coaching

As a matter of fact, after covering a great deal of material during the first few days, Dani had the exceptional idea of organizing a 2 days tour! Discovering the mountains of the Titlts, the group went for a day long tour deep inside (and up) the mountain range. They then spent the night in a high mountain refuge, which they had to dig out before accessing it! After a night in the hutte they then descend back to our “normal” world. Ending a week of great experiences and with a huge amount of learning and knowledge acquisition. Of course, they were also assessed to pass this IASI Mountain Securtity L1! But that’s why we run training before hand. So all is left to report home is the amount of enjoyment the “exam” itself was!

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Future Training

The second part of the season is dedicated to the preparation of any of the modules the Team members will want to attend before the end of the winter. Keep following our blog to find out what’s happening!

You can find out more about our Level 3 ISIA Training on the dedicated page.

The Subzero Coaching Team

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Ski instructor training

The Team living on the edge.


ski instructor life, ski instructor training

Sunset from the mountain refuge


Become a ski instructor

Exploring the surrounding area around the refuge


Ski gap ski instructor training Prime mountain sports

Up and up further


mountain safety training

Life in a mountain refuge


Mountain Safety Level 3 ISIA Mountain Saecurity L1

The Top


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The Subzero Coaching Team

Mountain Safety Course – Level 3 ISIA – Mountain Security L1 – Prime Mountain Sports – Engelberg/Zermatt Switzerland

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