Ski Cool, St Moritz – Interview with Director Vittorio Caffi

Interview with Ski School Director – Vittorio Caffi at Ski Cool St Moritz

We met up with the director of one of our partner ski schools Vittorio Caffi. Vittorio is the owner of Ski Cool based in St. Mortiz, Switzerland. Find out more about the school, the area and the clientele they cater for!

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Tell us about Ski Cool and the history behind its opening.

Ski Cool started 12 years ago, in Autumn 2007 after having explored the area of St. Moritz for a few years. We started Ski Cool with the aim of providing a high-end service, combined with a great team atmosphere for the teachers. We rely on our instructors to provide a great service to our customers and partners. Therefore we strive to provide them with the best opportunities as a team, in terms of training and development. I have to say, that our philosophy is very effective: the majority of the staff come back every year, and this makes us successful in providing a consistent and continuous improvement of our overall performance.


Who are the kind of clients Ski Cool caters for? ski cool ski school st moritz

We deal with an international clientele. Our customers come from all over the world, and of course, they are very different from each other. Though, there is one point they share: they are all looking for a unique experience.
The St. Moritz environment, together with our team, is the unique feature they are looking for during their ski holiday, and this is why most of our guests return year on year. Many of them tell us they are returning just because they want more and more skiing with our guys!

What are some of the characteristics you look for the most when recruiting new ski instructors?

They must be enthusiastic, willing to develop themselves and to work with the team. Of course, they need to be qualified and have a good skiing and teaching level: when they are on the slopes they are the image of the school. They need to be open and communicative and be as multi-lingual as possible: as I mentioned, our clientele is international, and we deliver lessons in several languages.

What suggestion would you give to instructors looking for work?

ski cool ski school st moritz, ski cool st moritzThey need to work towards a high-level qualification that is internationally recognised. That is a very good starting point. Then, they need to be active: they must be seen on the slopes, they need to be able to approach people and be approachable and friendly. One of my most faithful customers, Giancarlo, a very successful businessmen, told me once “Vittorio, if you want to be successful in any business or activity, the first rule is to love your customer!”. And this is true: the customers feel the empathy a good ski teacher has and when they understand the instructor is there for and to help them, they’ll love him or her, forever. So, love your customer, they’ll love you back.


What are your latest projects for the future of Ski Cool?

We have just relaunched our website and the overall Ski Cool look, in order to keep a modern, fresh and dynamic (Ski) Cool image. This rebranding operation is an ongoing process that started just last season, and we plan to continue in the future: it reflects our attention and care towards the customers, to give them the best service as possible, according to what we call a customer centric approach. In fact, we are looking into different services for our clients and into new partnerships in the resort, and in Europe. Also for our teachers, we plan to start new development programs, in order to make sure they keep at the top and are always ready to offer the best to our guests.

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Ski Cool and Subzero Coaching

Our collaboration creates the ideal opportunities for instructors looking to expand their horizons and get a season different from all others. Award winning ski instructor training company

By attending our ISIA Level 3 training programme participants can get the best out of the two most famous resorts in Europe.

The training runs in Zermatt, from December until April, for 11-12 weeks during the low season. The work opportunities with Ski Cool in St. Moritz fits perfectly in the high season weeks of Christmas, New Year, February Half Term and Easter.
The training calendars are organized so no dates overlap! Creating the most unique winter opportunity of getting two seasons in one, expanding your network and enjoying the best Switzerland (and Europe) has to offer.

Ski Cool St Moritz Interview with Ski School Director Vittorio Caffi – Subzero Coaching