IASI Level 1 Rolling Carpet Ski Instructor – Ski Easy

IASI Level 1 Rolling Carpet Ski Instructor Course at Ski Easy

Subzero Coaching (official licenced course provider for IASI) is running a Level 1 Rolling Carpet Ski Instructor course at Ski Easy. Ski Easy is an indoor ski facility based on Dukes Meadows in Chiswick, London!
This is a great opportunity to get started with the ski instructor pathway with a unique qualification.

The Rolling Carpet Slope IASI Level 1 Rolling Carpet Ski Instructor Course at Ski Easy dukes meadows

The carpet provides a sliding surface controlled by the instructor. With a remote control, both in speed and gradient can be adjusted! This allows the teacher to create the most ideal situation for the learner. Furthermore progressive challenges can be added as soon as the basics are acquired. Additionally, this is the only ski facility that features mirrors. The slope faces a wide, tall mirror, so that the performer can see him/herself in action. This allows a very unique opportunity for self assessment.
It is useful for beginners to understand the movements as they make them for the first time. It is also very interesting for the high end performers to have an immediate visual feedback on the symmetry of their body and motion patterns.

Skiers can find rolling carpets dotted around the world, from London, where Ski Easy is located to Dublin all the way to Interlaken (yes, Switzerland!) and many other places.
We have skied rolling carpets in many major events, from the Italian Ski Show back in 2009 all the way to Interski 2019 (world biggest international event for ski instructors).

The IASI Level 1 Rolling Carpet Qualification

IASI is the only association in the world to provide a dedicated rolling carpet qualification. This indoor environment has been developed through the years to enable skiers to slide without the use of artificial snow (indoor dome)  or the use of plastic covered terrain (dryslopes). As this is a unique environment, with very specific needs, IASI recognized years ago that a dedicated course would be the most appropriate solution.

IASI Level 1 Rolling Carpet Course at Ski Easy – Dukes Meadows IASI Level 1 Rolling Carpet Ski Instructor Course at Ski Easy

The course runs for a total of 5 compulsory days, with 2 days training and 3 days assessment.
Training days:
2nd + 3rd September (Sept 2nd run by Ski Easy)
Assessment days:
10th, 11th, 12th September

Total cost for the 4 days course: 410 euros (£370) per person.

Ski Easy is able to provide shadowing opportunities and training prior to the course, to maximise the chances of success. This will also fullfil the IASI minimum requisites for this course.
Also compulsory is the First Aid Course, which can be attended at the Ski Easy – Dukes Meadows facility on the 29th & 30th August.

IASI Level 1 Alpine Ski Instructor Course UK

For those interested in extending the Level 1 Rolling Carpet qualification to the Alpine Level 1, we also organize a two day course following the Ski Easy course. This will take place at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead in September.
The two-days course fee will be 210 euros (£190) per person.
For any information or to book your place you can get in touch with us directly at info@subzerocoaching.com

Training and Working opportunities with Subzero Coaching

If you are interested in progressing in your ski instructor career visit our section dedicated to ski instructor training. For passionate skiers keen to take their love for skiing a little further we run an Autumn Course on the Matterhorn Glacier, lasting 8 weeks and finishing right in time for the winter season to kick in.
Furthermore the same options are also valid for the Winter Course, starting in December and finishing by February Half Term. Both courses are all inclusive (training, accommodation, ski pass, exams fees, first aid course etc)!

Ready to achieve your Level 2?

The Autumn Full Blast Level 2 is what you are looking for!
In four weeks you will be able to train towards and attend the IASI Level 2 assessment with us in Zermatt.
During the first three weeks you will be able to best prepare towards the exam, under the wing of our coaches (IASI examiners). Additionally you will get to know the area and all its secrets. The fourth week is for the assessment, lasting 6 days.

Training runs from monday to friday, weekends can be used, if needed, to recover missed training days due to bad weather otherwise they are days off for a well deserved rest. Ski instructor training ISIA
We provide a package deal with ski pass, accommodation and training. Along with discounts on ski gear and exam reservation.
You just think about skiing!

Training Dates:
– Week 1: 28th – 1st November
– Week 2: 4th – 8th November
– Week 3: 11th – 15th November

Assessment date:
18th – 23rd November

For already qualified instructors we run the most comprehensive ISIA Level 3 Training Programme, which includes working opportunities with our ski school partners around Europe. As well as the Level 4 Training Programme, for those keen to reach the highest standards in the profession.

If you are looking to gain other Level 1 qualifications have a look at our IASI Alpine Race Coach Level 1 and Feestyle Coach Level 1&2 (Ski or snowboard!).

You just fancy a ski together? Let us know, our coaches are available for private sessions, whether you are a ski instructor or not, in the Alps and in the UK!

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IASI Level 1 Rolling Carpet Ski Instructor Course at Ski Easy – Dukes Meadows