Interview with Evolution Ski School Zermatt – Fabrizio Pavan

Interview with Evolution Ski School Zermatt – Fabrizio Pavan

We met up with Fabrizio Pavan, Director and Owner of Evolution Ski School Zermatt, Switzerland. We talked about the school, its history and the clientele they cater for. Furthermore, we asked for his advice for future instructors.

Evolution Ski School and Subzero Coaching have been working together to provide instructors with the best season possible. Evolution has been able to provide a great number of lessons during the peak weeks. Following this, Subzero Coaching took care of the instructors during the low season providing comprehensive support and education.
Clocking an amazing amount of hours between work and training, participants were able to achieve great results in both exams and service provided.

Here follows the interview with Fabrizio, enjoy!

Evolution Ski School Zermatt

Tell us about Evolution Ski School and the history behind its opening.

We started Evolution during the summer of 2017.  We had a simple concept in mind: deliver high-end customer service by sharing our knowledge and passion for teaching skiing.
We also believe that our instructors are our strength, that’s why we carefully hand pick them, creating a great professional atmosphere. We have a 100% return season after season, making a solid and constant level of service. We believe with these ingredients blended together, we can deliver the best service.

What kind of clients does Evolution Ski School Zermatt caters for?

We have a very international and high-end clientele, coming from all over the world but with the same expectation: a ski holiday to remember. Our strength is to have a multilingual team in order to communicate and interact effectively with our guests. This is why we have a high returning clientele, requesting a specific instructors year after year.

Evolution ski school zermatt

What characteristics do you look for the most in new ski instructors?

They must be proactive, full of passion for skiing and good storyteller. Off course multilingual skill is a must. But not essential. Some of our instructors speak only English but they have great experiences and have studied in a different field. This makes them a perfect combination to deal with high-end clientele.

Which advice would you give to instructors looking for work?

They need to be curious about the ski instructor job. That’s mean willing to progress and train toward a higher level of qualification. Be out on the mountain to discover every single snowflake on the slopes and of course, sharing ideas and experience with senior instructors. Once they achieve a good level of knowledge of the surrounding mountain and local experiences, they will be able to be a good storyteller, delivering a unique experience for our guest.

What are your future projects for Evolution ski school?

We have a new technical director that will develop our in-house training. We aim to blend different teaching methods into a Evolution Ski School standard. We are also in the progress of expanding our team and our resorts programs in Switzerland by looking for new international partners.
We developed a new online booking system in collaboration with The OnlySky, in order to improve our guest’s online experience, together with a new refresh and modern website online by the end of August. We will be ready to offer a unique experience.

Evolution Ski School Zermatt Fabrizio Pavan Subzero Coaching

Evolution Ski School Zermatt and Subzero Coaching

Our collaboration creates the ideal opportunities for instructors looking to expand their horizons and have a season different from all others. Award winning ski instructor training company
Through attending our ISIA Level 3 training programme participants can get the best out of the most famous resort in Europe. The training runs in Zermatt, from December until April, for 11-12 weeks during the low season. The work opportunities with Evolution Ski School fits perfectly in the high season weeks of Christmas, New Year, February Half Term and Easter. The training calendars are organized so no dates overlap!

Working towards Long Term Development instructors can also attend the Level 4 Training Programme, which runs in resort for a total of 6 weeks. This focuses on progressing technical and teaching abilities further, as well as creating growth opportunities. We have race training weeks, coach shadowing (L3 and L2 groups), mountain safety training and all the indoor backup (strength & conditioning, posture, rehab) always available to the instructors.

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Evolution Ski School Zermatt – Interview with Owner Fabrizio Pavan – Subzero Coaching