Carpani Skis

Carpani Skis

The world has enough followers. Be a game changer.

Skis above the main-stream market, for those not interested in being followers, but game changers. This is what Carpani skis are about.

Because of this, Carpani skis are different.
Carpani Skis have to be ordered in advance, because you can’t find them in shops. Carpani Skis don’t change  graphics every year, because they are made to last. Carpani Skis can be bought only through direct dealers, because production is limited to the amount Mr. Carpani himself can handle in his factory-lab. Carpani Skis are probably the last skis on the market that are actually handcrafted from start to finish avoiding industrial processes. Quite simply, they don’t belong to the rest of the market.
Of course you don’t need to believe us or anyone else. When you order your skis through us we can book you an appointment with Mr. Carpani himself in Italy. To go visit him at his factory-lab and watch your skis being made. Or get in touch with us to book a ski test. Be ready for it!

Carpani Skis Collection

Today we are lucky enough to have a production line broader than the few high-level-racing-only Mr. Carpani use to make. With an extra pair of hands (a single extra pair of hands, from Mr. Brida) we can offer 4 main line of models: FIS/Master Race, Diamonds Line, Piste and Backcountry.

FIS/Master Race Line

For pros that are looking for one thing: winning. Elite skiers have been involved in the creation and development of todays skis. Mr. Carpani himself is an AMSI Maestro di Sci and Allenatore (race coach). Today’s Master World Champ is skiing (and clearly winning) on Carpani Skis.
All FIS skis can be developped arond the athlete’s need. From the building construction, to the stiffness fo the structure. The base material itself can also be chosed before production, depending on the structure and temperature of the snow (warm summer glacier snow, cold glacier snow, warm winter snow etc).

Squadra Corse FIS GS 30mt
Sizes: 188cm – 193 cm FIS Conform

Squadra Corse FIS F3 SL
Sizes: 166cm – 165 cm FIS Conform


Squadra Corse Master F4 GS FIS
Ash + Poplar, Titanium, fiberglass, activa race plate. FIS Conform
175 cm – 180 cm > 23 mt
185 cm – 190 cm > 27 mt

Squadra Corse Master F3 SL – CarboBambù
Innovative mix of ash, touliper and bambù. Along with double titanial and carbonfibers!
Sizes: 155 – 165 cm

Subzero Line

A project never seen before. Quite simply, skis created for ski instructors at work. Originated from the FIS/Master line, structure and shape of the skis have been modified to accommodate the needs of 8 hours a day skiers. At a high level of performance.
For more details and info on this line please follow the link here! Please note the Subzero Line is only available through us.

Building material: double type wood, titanial, carbo-linum.
Complete with: Biotech race plate and race bindings Salomon X12 (also available X16 or X19 DIN).

RC – The Educators
The ideal skis for exams and training in all conditions.
Available in sizes:
171 cm – R15
174 cm – R16,5
best ski instructor skis Diamonds

Slalom – The Punishers
 Smaller radius and length for the best performace in the tight gates. As well a great tool to work on foot work, central stance and reaction time.
Available in size 167 cm, 13 mt radius

ski instructor slalom skis


Giant Slalom – The Equalizers
Longer planks for the maximum speed. With the best radius for ease of work in the more challenging GS gates. Great tool to train technical movements also outside the gates. Great to teach on, keeping you working also when demonstrating basic skiing to guests.
Available in sizes:
176 cm – R18
182 cm – R21

ski instructor skis

All skis from the Diamonds Line come with the BioTech plate, which allows adjustments according to your biomechanics! The same construction system in all models allows you to go from one length to the other without having to adapt eccessively to the new skis each time. Just focus on technique!
It is also possible to adjust stiffness to the skis after the purchaise, with differnt bar developped for this purpouse.

Piste Performance Line

A handful of models to fit the needs of good skiers that are looking for polyvalent skis. With the option of chosing amongst two different flex of stiffness, to get the best out of the skis and yourself. Lady models also belong to this category, also available in two different flex options.
Made out of two types of wood (Ash + Toulipier), titanial and bi-triaxial fiberglass. Great shredders!

F6 Race Carver

Carpani handcrafted skis

174 cm = 16,5 mt
167 cm =13 mt
155/156 cm = 11 mt
151 cm = 9,5 mt

The F7 Race Carver model is the stiffer version of the F6 model!


F6 Race Carver Lady

Made out of two wood types (Ash + Okumé), titanial and bi-triaxial fiberglass.
Again, the F7 Lady is the stiffer version of the F6 Lady model!
117 – 67 – 103
167 cm = 13 mt
155/156 cm = 11 mt
151 = 9,5 mt

The F6 Lady (softer version)


The F7 Lady (stiffer version)



Backcountry Line

Fat skis made out of different types of wood combinations, in order to fit the need of lightness and floating required in the candid snow. Uncompromised performance for the best rides.
Made out of a combination of different types of wood, plus bi-triaxial fiberglass, carbon fiber or titanial, depending on the needs. Fiberglass for great powder riders and limited weight, carbon fiber to maximize lightness for the uphill, titanial for extra stiffness!

Spigolino Free
Ash + Poplar + fiberglass. The ideal mix of ease in flex, torsion and weight.

Spigolino Carbon

Super light wood combination plus carbon fiber and fiberglass.
1.190 kg in size 170 cm. The best uphill!


Spigolino Titan
Poplar + Titanium. The stiffest version of the three, for the powerful ones!


Size 170 cm = 18 mt radius
Size 180 cm = 20 mt radius


Spigolino Lady

Ash + Poplar+ fiberglass. The best mix of light weight and stability for the adventurous ones!

Size 160 cm = 15 mt radius

Building Materials

Carpani personally choses and combines different types of wood in order to get the best out of each ski. So along each line a different construction combination was created. Titanial is the main metal used to stiffen the skis, along with fiberglass, carbon or linum sheets.
Wood, however, is and will always be the main production material. Which is where the difference is made. With an obssessive control of the each block (analyzed in size, weight, humidity and density every time) starts the creation of the new skis. Possibly the last factory owner left in the market who personally handcrafts each ski in his lab.
For this reason please note that production will take, on average, 15 days from the moment of order. Carpani is also available for personalized graphic design, so get in touch with your logo or design idea and we’ll get them onto the skis!

Carpani Skis


Buying Carpani Skis

Ski Schools, Ski Clubs, Athletes and Ski Instructors can get in touch with us for block orders and personal contracts. As well, if you are a recreational skier and you are interested in purchasing small quantities please let us know, we will happily accommodate any request.
All instructors traking part to our ski courses (ISIA Level 3, Level 4, Autumn and Winter Gap Courses, Full Focus week) can access extra discounts on the Subzero Series models. Get in touch with us if we have trained together in the past, these rates are still valid!

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