Update Zermatt Covid19


Update Zermatt Covid19

Updates from Zermatt  and the town opening after Covid19.

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1st May

swiss opening plan covid19

Switzerland has updated the original re-opening plan for the country.

Since after the first batch of shops and facilities have been opening with success, the second phase starting from the 11th May will see primary schools, restaurants, public places such as museums and libraries and all shops opening again to the public.

From the 8th June the hope is to also have lifts opening in the country, with all other educational institutions, professional sport facilities and gatherings of more than 5 people. Cable ways, for skiing, hiking and biking will also be allowed to open.

The ban for large events will hold up until the end of August, and is still uncertain when the ban for events with max 1000 people will be dropped.

Switzerland is moving towards normality, anticipating moves that everyone hopes other countries will be able to follow soon.


12th May

Zermatt has officially opened doors of shops, restaurants and cafes in town.
All facilities are respecting the social distancing, refurbishing their spaces in order to guarantee the correct distance between people sitting at different tables.
Following federal directives, each table has a form to fill out with name, surname, time and date of use.

Many companies, from hotels to banks, have been using the last few weeks of quiet times to renovate buildings and facilities. Some business will not open during the summer but the majority will be operating regularly.

update zermatt covid19Transportation to and from Taesh is guaranteed with a train every hour in each direction.

Lifts remain closed, but the hope is to open the Sunnegga, Gornergrat and Matterhorn Express side to Trocknersteig from the 8th June.

Hike and bike trails are already open and available to be used by the general public. 

With the Swiss Ski Team officially deciding to not travel to the south hemisphere to train this summer, the lift company will be able to count on the help of the national team to open. Swiss Ski Alpine Director Walter Reusser has confirmed the intention of using the glacier of Saas Fee and Zermatt for the summer training camps of all elite athletes.

zermatt glacier

Cervinia has not yet officially published the opening dates of their lifts, it is possible that if the Italian Covid19 Situation improves they will be trying to open the lifts at the end of June/start of July.

27th May

The official publication from the Swiss Federal Council of Public Health has just come out. Cable cars and sport activities to be (nearly) fully resumed!
Here is the related part of the official communication:

“From 6 June, the measures put in place to fight the new coronavirus will be extensively eased. That is the decision taken by the Federal Council at its meeting on 27 May in view of the positive developments in the epidemiological situation.

  • All events for up to 300 people may now go ahead.
  • Spontaneous gatherings of up to 30 people are now permitted.
  • All leisure and entertainment businesses and tourist attractions may reopen.
  • The Federal Council has also decided to end the extraordinary situation under the terms of the Epidemics Act with effect from 19 June.

The Federal Council began to ease measures to protect the population from COVID-19 on 27 April and 11 May. These two steps have had not resulted in an increase in epidemiological indicators. The number of new cases of infection has remained stable at a low level for a number of weeks now, as has the number of hospital admissions and deaths. zermatt open lifts covid19

Ban on gatherings: 30 people instead of 5
The ban on gatherings in public, in particular in public spaces, promenades and parks is to be eased. As of 30 May, the upper limit will be
increased from 5 to 30 people.

The gathering of signatures in public will be allowed to resume from 1 June with a corresponding set of precautionary measures. A standard set of precautionary measures is available for initiative and referendum committees. Deadlines for submitting federal popular requests remain suspended until the end of May.

Events with up to 300 people allowed
From 6 June, private and public events with up to 300 people are to be allowed. This includes family events, fairs, concerts, theatre performances and film screenings, as well as political and civil society demonstrations.

The Federal Council will decide on events for up to 1000 people and the easing of further restrictions on 24 June. Large-scale events with more than 1000 people continue to be prohibited until 31 August.

Sports events allowed to resume
The same rules apply for sports events as for all other types of event. Competitions in sports involving continuous, close physical contact, such as Swiss-style wrestling, judo, boxing and dancing in pairs are likely to remain prohibited until 6 July. Training activities for all sports may resume without any restrictions on group sizes from 6 June. This also applies for sports activities involving close physical contact. Training sessions in these sports should be attended by regular teams and attendance lists kept.

Holiday camps for children and young people
Many camps are set to take place for children and young people during the summer months. And many local authorities also organise daylong programmes during the holidays. These activities will be allowed to go ahead from 6 June as long as appropriate sets of precautionary measures are in place. Children and young people should remain in the same groups wherever possible. The upper limit for camps is 300 people and organisers must keep an attendance list.

Mountain rail and cableways, campsites, zoos and swimming pools to reopen
Mountain rail and cableways, campsites and tourist attractions such as toboggan runs and rope parks may reopen from 6 June. The same hygiene and social distancing rules apply in mountain rail and cableways as for public transport. All leisure and entertainment businesses such as casinos, amusement parks, zoos and botanic gardens may reopen, as can swimming pools and spas… ”

We are looking forward to start using all the lifts around town and for all our fitness activities & services to fully run again!

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