Ski Biomechanics of the Upper Body

Ski Biomechanics of the Upper Body

Ski Biomechanics

Our Lectures Series continues with the Ski Biomechanics and anatomy of the Upper Body

In our last presentation we talked about anatomy of the lower body. It included the Hip, Knee and Ankle joints, and the biomechanics involved during a Dynamic Valgus while we are skiing.

anatomy and ski biomechanics

Dynamic Valgus

Our University Assistant Professor Patricio Salerno will again explain us the key concepts of bone structure, joints and muscle range of movement, this time related to the Upper Body.
Using pictures and videos he will then relate those movements to the ski technique.


While it’s common to focus on the legs and hip joint when analysing skiing, the upper body plays a fundamental role. In the balance of the body and the overall final performance!
Taking a closer look at how we are made will hopefully make the difference in self-awareness and self-development in the sport.
There is no better opportunity than having a University lecturer explain this rather complicated subject!


Anatomy and Biomechanics Lecture Series

The Lecture will take place at the Klein Matterhorn Restaurant, in the reserved area upstairs.
Thursday 5th February, at 7.15pm.
Participation fee of 10chf will include a glass of wine or beer.
Please be punctual and please confirm your attendance via:

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Ski biomechanics and anatomy – lecture series for ski instructors in Zermatt, Switzerland