Skiing Physiology – The Central Nervous System

Skiing Physiology – The Central Nervous System

During our lectures in March we talked about the anatomy and biomechanics that govern our movements, and how they relate to ski technique.

For the last lecture of the season we will change the point of view and focus on how our Central Nervous System governs what happens to our muscles, our movement patterns and our balance, and how to recognize and distinguish between the different types of sensations that are fed back whilst moving.
Skiing Physiology - The Central Nervous System
This change of focus means we’ll aim to better understand our bodies’ physiology rather than just the biomechanics.
Unsure of the difference? Come find out!

Skiing Physiology – The Central Nervous System

Tuesday 3rd March, 7.15pm, Klein Matterhorn Restaurant.
As usual, please let us know in advance if you plan to attend and your preference on drinks!
Please be punctual.
To book your place please write to info@subzerocoaching.com.

Lectures on request

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Skiing Physiology – The Central Nervous System

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